Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple Sripuram Vellore History

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The Sripuram Golden Temple is the largest golden temple in the world. It is located in southern Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India, at the foot of the beautiful green hills of Thirumalaikodi or Malaikodi. Other names for this temple include the Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple or the Vellore Golden Temple.

As the name of this temple suggests, it is devoted to Sri Lakshmi Narayani, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, and inside the temple is a gold statue that weighs 1500 kg. The temple was inaugurated and spanned a total area of 100 acres, in less than seven years.

Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple Sripuram Vellore History

The Sri Narayani Peedam charitable trust, whose spiritual head is Sri Sakthi Amma, is responsible for the construction of the temple as well as its ongoing maintenance. The goal of Amma’s temple is to serve as a meeting place for individuals of all classes and religious persuasions. In addition to its importance to culture, Sripuram is well-known as “The Spiritual Oasis,” a location sought by millions of people from all over the globe who are looking to find peace inside themselves.

The temple is distinguished by the wonderfully ornamental coating it gets from pure gold foils on both its interior and exterior. This characteristic can be seen on both sides of the building. After being transformed into foils by melting down gold bars, each and every component of the temple was crafted by hand. The construction of this temple took around 1.5 metric tonnes of gold.

The tourists will feel more at ease and refreshed after walking down the star-shaped promenade that leads to the entrance of the temple. Those who embark on this galactic journey will be bestowed with the power to hear messages pertaining to the transformation of mankind, truth, and justice. As is the case with the Sri Chakra, it is believed that this shape has good energy. The Golden Temple at Sripuram was built using Vedic architecture and architectural concepts.

Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple Sripuram Vellore History

Another alternative is the eco-pond known as Sarvatheertham, which is supplied with water from India’s major rivers. The Sashasra Deepam, which is also known as the ceremony of one thousand and eight light lamps, is performed twice every day at the temple. This particular style of Aarti is conducted at the temple on a regular basis, and it consistently attracts a large number of interested bystanders.

The temple trust is responsible for the administration of a variety of services that are designed to make worshippers’ and visitors’ experiences more pleasant. The temple trust is responsible for a variety of social welfare and waste management programmes in addition to the operation of Sri Narayani Vidyalaya and Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center. Zero waste management is also one of the trust’s areas of responsibility.

Free public distribution of drinking water, blood donation camps, free coaching courses for children from low-income families, a scholarship programme, and education efforts targeted at the tribal community are some of the programmes that are part of this campaign. The Sri Narayani Kala Peedam is a centre for a variety of religious and cultural activities, including music, dance, and the visual and performing arts.

  • The temple does not close for the seasons and is accessible to guests throughout the whole year. The Divya Darshan Seva, which costs 100 Indian Rupees (INR), is only accessible on the weekends.

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