Silent Valley National Park History Entry Price Timings Info

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The absence of cicadas lends importance to the existence of the evergreen rainforests in Quiet Valley, a charming, little area that has become significant since they are likely the only ones left in the nation today. On their flight from their wicked relatives the Kauravas, Sairandhiri (also known as Draupadi in Hindu Mythology) and her five husbands (the Pandavas) are said to have taken refuge in this forest many millennia ago.

Draupadi is said to have disguised herself as Sairandhiri and worked as a maid for Queen Sudeshna when she and her family hid out in this vast forest while they were on the run. It was given the name Sairandhrivanam for this reason. Kunthi, the mother of the legendary Pandavas, is also credited with inspiring the naming of the Kunthipuzzha River. It’s the only source of water for the whole forested region.

Silent Valley National Park History Entry Price Timings Info

Explore Quiet Valley in the Spring

  • Many tourists visit the area practically constantly due to its tremendous biodiversity. Yet, if you want to see the park’s wildlife in all its splendor, the months of October through February are your best opportunity.
  • Throughout the months of March and May, park visitors are denied access.
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that summer and winter in Silent Valley will bring about very different experiences.
  • The monsoons, though, are a sight to see in their own right. Nonetheless, heavy rain is expected. Pack suitably.
Days Timings
Monday 06:45 am – 02:45 pm.
Tuesday 06:45 am – 02:45 pm.
Wednesday 06:45 am – 02:45 pm.
Thursday 06:45 am – 02:45 pm.
Friday Closed / Holiday.
Saturday 06:45 am – 02:45 pm.
Sunday 06:45 am – 02:45 pm.

Contact Information: 91 4924 222056, 9185 8989 5652.

Peaceful Valley in Palakkad, India’s National Park Cost of Admission:

  • USD 50 for each person.
  • USD 1600 per jeep (up to 5 people).
  • USD 150 for Guide Fees.
  • USD 200 for Video Camera.
  • USD 25 for the Still Camera.

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Silent Valley National Park History Entry Price Timings Info

Timetables for Safaris in Silent Valley National Park

  • Every day at roughly 06:45 am, the park opens to the public, and they stay open until 02:45 pm. With the exception of Fridays, regular business hours are Monday through Thursday.
  • Vehicles depart at 08:00 am and must return no later than 05:00 pm for the safari. Anytime within the specified time window is OK for entering the park, however, everyone must abide by the park’s closing and opening times.
  • In order to see all there is to see in Silent Valley National Park, you should plan to spend at least four or five hours there.

Destinations and Activities in Quiet Valley

  • First, a safari is the finest way to see the park, whether with the aid of native guides or in your own car. It’s a chance to see the beautiful flora and animals of the forest in all its glory.
  • Tourists, as is customary on safaris elsewhere, are not permitted to get out of their cars. We strictly enforce the usage of just the authorized areas for getting up to use the restroom or obtain some refreshments.
  • The lookout tower is the primary destination of a forest safari. It’s a sight for sore eyes to take in the expansive vistas of the forest and the verdant excursion.
  • You may have a meal among the tall, dense trees while keeping an eye out for a variety of bird species.
  • Three, go for a hike; the journey to the Kunthi river is one of the most challenging activities in all of Quiet Valley. You will enjoy a boat ride on the River Kunthi after a short hike through the forest on your safari.

Reach Silent Valley, National Park By:

  • Planning Your Trip The closest train station is Palakkad, which is located 69 km away.
  • Coimbatore International Airport is the closest at 85 km; Calicut International Airport is 110 km; and Cochin International Airport is 180 km.

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