Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Timings History Pooja Details

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Once the great saint Agastiyar came to this spot for meditation but was not able to obtain water. He prayed to Lord Murugan to assist him. Presently Lord Murugan arrived before him and plunged His lance (Vel) into the sand. Shortly water spring emerged from the place. The location is named “Utrukuli.” Later alone it began to be named Uttukuli.

No one knows when the temple was erected here, merely they have the history. But just 200 years before the rural rulers construct the temple and five years before with the support of some donors the temple was rebuilt and presently it is the main spiritual location in Erode, Coimbatore Districts. Every day, more than 200 devotees make their way to the Uttukuli Murugan Temple, but on holidays like Thaipoosam, the number of worshippers swells to more than 100,000.

Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Timings History Pooja Details

The temple vehicle is on the hill and devotees pull the temple car on the slopes so that no location in the world where a temple car is dragged onto the hill. So the Deity is termed “Vetri Velayudha Swami” and the Temple is called “Kaithamalai.” The site is in Uttukuli located in Erode District, Tamilnadu.

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The temple has its own unique importance, despite the fact that it is not quite as sturdy as the older, more typical historical buildings. At this time, there are at least two hundred individuals who make a daily pilgrimage to the temple in the hope of receiving blessings from Lord Muruka.

During the festival season, also known as the Thaippoosam festive period, the temple vehicle will be put in a chariot, and thousands of the temple’s worshippers will pull it through the streets of the city. In order to move the temple vehicle on the hill, the chariot that is now being dragged will be drawn from the hill to the temple and then back to the hill. After this, the deity that was riding about in the temple automobile became known as the Vetri Vel Velayudha Swamy, which is one of the well-known titles for Lord Muruka.

Since the vel, or spear, is regarded to be one of the divine things that are associated with Lord Muruka, he is often referred to as the Vetri vel Velayudha samy. This name comes from the fact that he is also known as the Velayudha samy. The incarnation of the Lord as Muruka with the spear or the vel in order to participate in the Thaippoosam Mahostsavam is the primary piece of mythology associated with the Kaithamalai vertri velayudha temple. This piece of mythology is said to have occurred in order for the Lord to take part in the festival.

Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Timings:

6 am to 2 pm
4  pm to 8 pm

Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Timings History Pooja Details

Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Pooja Timings:

Kalasanthi Abhishegam 7 AM
Kalasanthi Pooja 8 AM
Uchikala Abhishegam 12 PM
Uchikala Pooja 1 PM
Sayaratchai Abhishegam 6 PM

Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Pooja Details:

Archanai Rs 20/-
Thengai Rs 10/-
Abhishegam Rs 50/-
Special Abishegam Rs 100/-
Special Entry Rs 50/-
Vehicle Pooja Rs 100/-

Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Festivals:

  • Thai Poosam
  • Thirukarthigai

Nearby Attractions:

  • Kasi Viswanathar Temple
  • Nandeeswarar Temple
  • Sri Sukreeswarar Temple

Available Transport To Kaithamalai Murugam:

By Air: The closest airport to the hotel is the Coimbatore International Airport, which is located 58 kilometres away.

By Train: The Uthukuli Train Station is the closest railway station, and it is located four kilometres away.

By Road: This Temple has excellent connections to the communities that are in the surrounding area.

Kaithamalai Murugan Temple Location:

Arulmigu Vetri Velayudhaswamy Temple,

Kaithamalai, Uttukuli.Tirupur

Tamil Nadu, India.

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