Wayanad Hill Station Kerala History Top Hill Spots Details

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It is a magnificent area, and if you go there, you could well end up experiencing some of the most incredible moments of your life. This lovely location is worth a visit for a multitude of different reasons. The monsoons, waterfalls, caverns, and other natural sights are all so enticing, and the landscape as a whole is so beautiful.

Bears, tigers, leopards, and elephants are just some of the beautiful animals that call this place home, and if you’re fortunate enough to pay this place a visit, you could have the chance to see them all. The months of October through May are considered to be Wayanad’s prime tourist season.

In contrast to the other months, the average temperature is rather nice, and you will find a great deal of opportunity to learn about and get acquainted with this location.

Wayanad Hill Station Kerala History Top Hill Spots Details

  • The Wayanad Hill Station is a well-known vacation spot that can be found in Kerala.
  • It is the most spectacular mountain retreat.
  • The invigorating scent of cardamom, pepper, and other spices is what makes the air seem so revitalized.
  • The tranquil appearance of the foggy environment, the waterfalls, the gorgeous lake water, the dams, and the local tribe all contribute to a feeling that is utterly and absolutely heavenly.
  • The Wayanad region is an ideal place to visit for its breathtaking scenery. Wayanad is a beautiful place that visitors may explore on foot.
  • Since there are so many exciting things to do and sights to see at Wayanad Hill Station, it is an excellent destination for vacations with families that include young children.
  • Besides, while taking in the fresh air of Wayanad Hill Station, one may savor the delicious cuisine of Kerala. It is widely considered to be one of the state’s most beautiful hill stations.
  • With its convenient connections to a number of cities and modes of transportation, Wayanad Hill Station is not difficult to access.
  • One may go to Wayanad’s Hill Station for sightseeing, trekking, or photography.
  • As the Hill Station is also a perfectly picturesque destination due to its many wildlife sanctuaries, dams, lakes, waterfalls, tea gardens, and many spice farms.
  • One may go to any of these places for any of the aforementioned activities.

Wayanad Hill Station Kerala Hidden History

Historians are of the opinion that human existence was present in the Wayanad region more than ten centuries before the birth of Christ. The answer is that evidence of a new stone age civilisation has been uncovered in recent digs and finds. In addition to that, the Edakkal caves that can be seen in this area include carvings that are around 6,000 years old and date back to the neolithic period.

It is also stated that the rajas of the Veda tribe reigned over these areas back in the ancient ages when they were still inhabited.When Udaiyar Raja Wadiyar of Mysore drove away the Vijaynagra General in 1610 AD, he became the ruler of the Bayalnad and the Nilgiris regions of India.

It’s interesting to note that the region once known as Bayalnad is now known as Wayanad.
And when Wayanad was under the authority of the powerful Tipu Sultan, it was during that specific period that the British invasions had begun. Wayanad was located in southern India. And within a short period of time, the struggle for liberation was underway. By the terms of the treaty of Srirangapatna, which was signed in 1792, the British were able to successfully stake their claim to Wayanad.

Because of this, Tipu Sultan was compelled to send a petition to the governor-general in order to have it released once again. After thoroughly examining all of the evidence, Lord Mornington issued a proclamation stating for the first time that the territory of Wayanad had not been ceded to the East India Company in accordance with the terms of the treaty signed in 1792.

As a direct result of this event, British forces withdrew from the Wayanad region. But, sometime in 1803, they were successful in their attempt to retake Wayanad and brought it back under British control. Wayanad, which is located in the highlands of the Western Ghats, is the center of numerous distinct tribal communities.

Wayanad was established in the year 1980, and now it is home to around eight of the state’s officially recognized tribes, making it the county with the highest percentage of tribal residents. In general, the district is a beautiful area of the state of Kerala. It is home to a large number of rivers and dams, both of which contribute to the district’s overall attractiveness on a much higher level.

Attractions in the Wayanad Hill Station in Kerala

  • Meenmutty Falls is one of the waterfalls.
  • Soochipara Waterfall
  • Kanthampara Falls
  • Lakes: Pookote Lake
  • Dams: Banasura Sagar Dam
  • Karappuzha Dam
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the places you may go on a trek; popular destinations include Brahmagiri Peak and Pakshipathalam Peak.
  • Pilgrimages to the Thirunvelly Temple may be found atop Chembra Mountain.
  • Puliyarmala Jain Temple Koottamundu Glass Temple Kunnambetta Ayyappan Temple…etc

Wayanad Hill Station Kerala History Top Hill Spots Details

Different Ways To Reach Wayanad

  • Kozhikode International Airport is the closest airport, and it is located 81 kilometers away.
  • Kozhikode Railway Station is the closest station to reach by train and is located 70 kilometers away.
  •  The Kalpetta KSRTC Bus Terminal is the closest and is about three kilometers away.

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