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Hindus celebrate the holiday with a festival known as Kharchi Puja in the Indian state of Tripura. This festival is celebrated in Agartala throughout the months of July and August, and it is intended to honor the fourteen gods that are collectively known as the Tripuri dynasty deities.

The religious event known as Kharchi Puja is observed by a number of people in Tripura. In the month of July, on the eighth day of the new moon, the beginning of a royal Puja that lasts for a week and is attended by tens of thousands of devotees is marked.

Kharchi Puja Tripura Location History Contact Online Booking

This event is being held in the courtyard of the Temple of the Fourteen Gods in Agartala at the moment (Puran Agartala). This Puja is the subject of many legends and tall stories. The weeklong celebrations that are held on the grounds of the temple draw in thousands upon thousands of visitors.

As “Khya” may also be translated as “Earth,” it makes perfect sense that the word “Kharchi” would derive from the same root. The worship of Mother Earth is at the heart of the ritual known as Kharchi Puja. These traditions, which involve paying homage to fourteen gods as well as Mother Nature, have their origins in the historical practices of the tribe. The puja is performed with the intention of purifying Mother Earth after the completion of her menstrual cycle and eradicating any last remnants of sin.

Because of this, the Puja lasts for a total of seven days. The individuals who are a part of “Chantai” are the ones who bring the fourteen gods to the river “Saidra” on the day of the Puja. After arriving back at the temple, the gods participate in religious ceremonies by taking showers in the holy water. It is necessary to do puja, which consists of the offering of flowers and vermilion, in order to bring them back to the temple.

Kharchi Puja Tripura Location History Contact Information

During this particular ceremony, some of the animals that are offered as sacrifices are pigeons and goats. The gods are appeased with sweets and the meat of the sacrificial animal. Everyone, including natives and those who are not native to the area, gathers together to take part in and enjoy the festival’s jubilant events. In addition to the large fair and the cultural events that are going to take place, there are also a lot of other activities scheduled.

The Kharchi puja is performed on the 15th day of “Ama Pechi,” which is also the name of the festival. During the period known as “Ama Pechi,” which is said to reflect the menstruation of the Earth Mother, plowing and digging are considered to be against the law in Tripuri tradition.

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Throughout the Tripuri culture, menstruation is a taboo subject, and women are not permitted to take part in any ceremonies or other significant activities. As a result, after the events of “Ama Pechi,” in which the earth mother has her period, the planet is considered to be filthy. During each cycle of the Earth Mother’s menstruation, the ritual of Kharchi puja is performed to purify the planet an enormous fair.

The number of people, both Tripuri and non-Tripuri, who are going to attend the event is rising every day. Prasada, also known as offerings, are often presented by worshippers. It’s possible that they’ll include goats, buffalo, desserts, and other delectable morsels. There are a variety of cultural acts taking place each night, and during the day there is an enormous fair.

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