Desert National Park Rajasthan History Location Online Book

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Jaisalmer Desert National Park is one of the largest parks in the country, covering an area of 3162.5 square kilometers and being near the city of Jaisalmer. The park covers such a large area that it is visible from Jaisalmer or Barmer all the way to the India–Pakistan border.

Despite its location in the middle of a scorching, dry, sandy desert, the desert national park offers tourists a great opportunity to witness a wide range of desert species, such as camels, desert foxes, Bengal foxes, chinkara, wolves, desert cats, and blackbucks.

Desert National Park Rajasthan History Location Online Book

  • In this unique location, you may find both sharp rocks and compact salt lake bottoms, as well as transitional areas and permanent dunes. These qualities are characteristic of desert habitats. Around 20 percent of the total park is occupied by sand dunes.
  • Vegetation in this area is mostly cactus, thorny bush, and the like. Going on a thrilling and adventure-filled jeep safari will be a brand-new and exciting experience for you and is the finest method to see the beautiful creatures that live in Desert National Park.
  • Despite its close proximity to the huge Thar desert, this area is surprisingly rich in both plant and animal life, defying common beliefs about deserts being barren wastelands. For this reason, it provides a shelter for many migratory and permanent species of desert birds, despite the harsh circumstances and fragile nature of the environment.
  • The Great Indian Bustard, one of the world’s most critically endangered birds, lives here. Eagles, harriers, falcons, buzzards, kestrels, vultures, Short-toed eagles, tawny eagles, spotted eagles, laggar falcons, and kestrels are just some of the raptor species that have been observed in this region.
  • There is a constant struggle between the living forms and the harsh environment, yet the living forms always win out in the end, and another natural marvel is created as a consequence of their efforts. In addition to the incredible birds, the desert park may also house a collection of fossils of animals and birds, some of which are older than 180,300,000,050 years.
  • Fossils of dinosaurs estimated to be around 6.5 million years old have also been uncovered there. One of the best ways to spend a holiday is to visit a national park in the desert, where visitors can see colossal birds soar through the skies and marvel at the desert’s ever-changing splendor.

Desert National Park Rajasthan History Location Online Book

  • The park is home to a wide range of wildlife, including the spiny-tailed lizard, desert monitor, sandfish, deadly viper, and Krait. Many species of foxes call this park home, and you may frequently see Bengal and Desert Foxes snacking on berries beside the karri trees.
  • The Indian Fox Vulpes bengalensis and the Desert Cat Felis lies could also be seen there, along with the Blackbuck antelope, the Cervicapra Rajputana Chinkara (or Mountain Gazelle), the Gazeella gazelle, the Sand Cat Panthera lynx rufa.

Flora And Fauna Found In Desert National Park

  • Those who like bird watching will find heaven in the desert national park. Around 125 species of birds, both year-round inhabitants and seasonal fliers, call the park home, and they are undeniably the area’s biggest draws.
  • There is a good chance of seeing the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard in big numbers here. Birds such as partridges, falcons, eagles, vultures, bee-eaters, shrikes, larks, demoiselle cranes, mac queen’s bustards, sand grouse, long-legged and honey buzzards, and others are often seen.
  • Watching vultures soar above the skies is so gorgeous it will make your chest feel like it’s about to explode. Large flocks of larks and wheatears often congregate at the watering holes and ponds.
  • Due to the lack of other flora, only cacti, sewan grass, and aak shrubs may be found here. The landscape is characterized by sharp rocks, a salt lake with a level floor, and many sand dunes.

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