Thalassery Fort History Entry Price Timings Location Details

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The East India Company built the massive Thalassery Fort to show the world their might in the Indian subcontinent. Located in the northern district of Kannur, 22 km away, the structure in question is a proud landmark in the little town of Thalassery. Built in 1703 by the East India Company, which had previously established a colony on the Malabar Coast in 1683, the fort served as the original centerpiece of Thalassery’s growth.

The striking square fort is a treat to explore because of its enormous walls, big, finely carved doors, and hidden passages that connect to the sea. The town of Thalassery, 22 kilometers south of Kannur, is home to the magnificent and historically significant Thalassery Fort, which is located next to the Municipal Cricket Stadium.

Thalassery Fort History Entry Price Timings Location Details

In 1683, the East India Company opened up shop on the Malabar Coast. With the blessing of the local Kolathiris kings, the British built a modest fort as their influence grew. The fort was instrumental in the British establishing a foothold in Malabar, and by 1776 it had become the seat of government.

As the nerve center of British military operations, the fort was an undeniable success. Arthur Wellesley came up with his plan to defeat the formidable warrior Pazhassi Raja here.

The fort was converted into many government buildings after independence. Further research revealed its historical value, and it was donated to the Division of Archaeology.

  • Schedule of Activities in Thalassery Fort: Seven Days a Week.
  • Time: 08:00 am-06:00 pm.
  • A visit to Thalassery Fort will cost you Rs 5/- for adults and Rs 2/- for kids (Below 5 Years).
  • The Event Has No Cover Charge (Free).

When to Visit Thalassery Fort for the Most Fun

During the middle of the day, the fort is closed to visitors. Humidity and warmth are expected to dominate the upcoming weather. You should come here in the evening to see the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Over the weekends, you may expect a large influx of visitors.

What to Know Before Visiting Thalassery Fort

  • Anyone with mobility issues or who are elderly will have a difficult time navigating the fort’s staircase, but otherwise, it is in good condition.
  • The sunset over the Arabian Sea is spectacular, so plan your visit for the evening.

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Thalassery Fort History Entry Price Timings Location Details


It was imperative that the fort be built in a strategic position where it could survive any potential invasions or attacks.

The fort’s bastions are supposed to have been built using a combination of quicklime, egg white, and sugar candy. This enormous edifice is notable for a number of unusual features, including elaborately carved doors, hidden tunnels that go to the ocean, and a little lighthouse.

Pepper and cardamom were previously stored in two of the subterranean rooms. According to legend, here is where the coins for the East India Company were struck.

The neighboring Holy Rosary Church may be seen from the fort’s grounds. The nearby Sardar palli (mosque) and Jagannatha temple are other important places of devotion.

Destinations Near Thalassery Fort

The oblong Thalassery Fort has a height of 10 meters and faces the ocean. It is fortified with high walls, powerful flanking bastions, and tunnels leading to the sea at the back, all made from laterite blocks. The tunnel, which goes to the ocean but is now sealed off, provided a quick exit to the sea.

Within the walls of the fort lies a little lighthouse. It may be found on the western side, and a spiral stairway climbs to the summit. Spices like pepper and cardamom were stored in two separate basement rooms. It was said that the British East India Company’s coinage was made in this building.

The fort was strategically built to resist attacks from all directions. The layout of the fort allows the inhabitants to quickly examine any potential threats coming in from the water. On the brighter side, the beach next to this fort was the site of the first cricket matches ever played between the British and local Indians.


  • Sea Bridge.
  • Sea.
  • Gothic Church.
  • Lighthouse

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