Nagaland Zoological Park Dimapur Cost Timings Location Info

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The Dimapur district of Nagaland is home to the zoo, also known as the Nagaland Zoological Park, which is situated 6 kilometres from the city centre. The park spans 176 acres, including both flat, plateau terrain and low, wetland sections. The park opened in 2008 with the goal of encouraging visitors to take better care of the local wildlife and ecosystems. It also aspires to be a hub for protecting North Eastern and Naga land animal species.

Authorities at the park provide information, host educational programmes, and make the park a fun place to visit for residents of the state. To further its goals of educating and informing the people of Nagaland, it seeks to raise public consciousness. The park has an admission price that varies from person to person, with children paying a lower rate than adults.

Nagaland Zoological Park Dimapur Cost Timings Location Info

The main centre of Dimapur is served by buses and auto rickshaws at all hours of the day. Go here via cab if you’d want to avoid walking.

  • The Zoo is open every day from Morning 08:00 am to Evening 04:00 pm.
  • Except on Monday.
  • Contact Details: 91 370 22442277, 91 370 2241731, 070859 85179.

Entry Cost:

Adults Rs. 10 /-
Child Rs.  5 /-
Still camera Rs. 25 /-
Video camera Rs. 100 /-

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Nagaland Zoological Park Dimapur Cost Timings Location Info

When Should Go There:

  • From October to March, the weather in Nagaland is ideal, making it the best time to visit the zoo.
  • The weather is perfect for a day in the park, with sunny skies and a little breeze.

Famous Sights and Attractions Near By:

The wide range of plant and animal life here makes it a great site to visit, especially if you’re taking the kids on vacation. Beyond that, there are numerous other sights to see in the area, including the Triple Falls, Naga Shopping Arcade, Nagaland Science Centre, Chumukedima village, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, and Shiva temple.

History of Nagaland Zoological Park Dimapur

Located in the Dimapur district of Nagaland, this park is just 6 km from the nearest town. There is a rolling plateau and low-lying areas suitable for aquatic avian species that surround this park, which totals around 176 ha. Inaugurated in 2008, this park has been around for a while. Maintaining and expanding the local flora and fauna is the primary goal of this park.

As an additional goal, the Nagaland Zoological Park hopes to serve as a sanctuary for the area’s native animals. The Nagaland Zoological Park’s administration is working to raise locals’ awareness of the value of the park’s wildlife habitat. Park officials are committed to keeping the Nagaland Zoological Park accessible to the public by charging an affordable and modest admission price.

In addition to the zoo, Nagaland is home to a variety of other attractions that are open to the public for the purpose of education and recreation. These include the Nagaland Science Centre, where curious minds can learn about the region’s history and natural environment, the Triple Falls, where thrill-seekers can cool off, the Naga Shopping Arcade, where they can purchase traditional Naga clothing and other souvenirs, and the Shiva Temple, where devout believers can worship the Hindu god Shiva.

How to Get There:

By Air: The distance between Dimapur and the airport is 10 kilometres.

In a Train: Train Station in Rangapahar – 6 km.

Assuming you’re taking the road

The bus station in Dimapur is located 10 kilometres away.

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