Temple Kuchanur Saneeswara History Overview Importance

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The Sri Dharbaranyeswara Swamy Temple is a Hindu place of worship that can be found in Thirunallar, which is a small village that is located in the city of Karailkal in Pondicherry. Lord Shaneeswarar, one of the 9 Navagrahas, is worshipped in the well-known Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple, which is located in Tamil Nadu (Nine Planets).

Those who are suffering from the negative effects of Saturn Sani Dasa and Shani dosha and also have kanaka Sani are encouraged to pay a visit to this temple for the purpose of Nivaran. Darshanbooking provides devotees with the Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple Darshan Timings along with the Pooja, Aarti, and Schedule timings for the temple.

The Shani Peyarchi ceremony at the Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple is known to attract a large number of worshippers each year. Darshanam of the Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple will be given to devotees. Tickets for the Thirunallar Sani Peyarchi are available for purchase at the temple counter.

Temple Kuchanur Saneeswara History Overview Importance

Pooja Name
Ticket Cost
Lord Saneeswara Baghawan Procession on the Golden Crow Vahanam
Rs. 10000.00
Laksharchana to Lord Saneeswara Baghawan
Rs. 9000.00
Mahanasa Ekathasa Rudrabishegam
Rs. 10000.00
Holy Lamp Trust for life Membership by deposit
Rs. 2000.00
Annadhanam Trust for Life Member
by deposit
Rs. 40000.00
For Goshala Maintenance
RS. 2000.00
Daily Annadhanam
Rs. 2000.00

Temple Kuchanur Saneeswara History Overview Importance

One of the most well-known Navagraha temples, the Kuchanur Saneeswara Temple is devoted to the god Shani, who is also known as Saneeswarar (Saturn). This temple can be found on the banks of the Surabhi river, which runs through this region. Those who worship the Saturn god, also known as Lord Saneeswara, take a bath in this river before beginning their service.

Lord Shani has materialized before the devotees of this temple in the guise of Swayambhu. This Kuchanur temple holds Saturday, the weekday that falls between Friday and Sunday, in particularly high regard. Several Pariharas and other rituals, including devotion to the Lord, are performed in the temple by the devotees who flock there.

The Lord’s temple is entirely decorated in green, and the Prasadam that is distributed to worshippers is also green in color. A variety of religious rites are carried out by adherents in the hope of gaining favor with the Lord.

How To Reach

Twenty kilometers to the south of Theni is where you will find the Kuchanur Sri Saneeswarar Temple. The Kuchanur bus stop is the one that is closest to the temple; it is just 67 meters away from the building.

The nearest train station is the Theni Train Station, which is situated approximately 21 kilometers away. The Madurai International Airport is the airport that is closest to this location and is located approximately 135 kilometers away.

Temple Kuchanur Saneeswara Overview

The Lord is seen in the shape of a Swayambhu, which literally translates to “self-appeared.” The name of the town is derived from Kubjan, which is also one of Shani’s names (Kubjanoor). In front of this temple is where you’ll find the ever-present river Surabi, which previously carried the waters of the Periyar river and the Suruliyaru river.

People of many various faiths, including Hinduism and Islam, may be found in Kuchanur. Moreover, members of many distinct communities, including Thevar, Pillai, and Nayakar, coexist peacefully in Kuchanur. Because this temple is oriented in the direction of the north, it is commonly referred to as the Vadaguru temple.

There is a second temple dedicated to the guru. In the Hanuman temple, there is a Ganesh that has five heads. The temple itself is named after Hanuman. The Surubi river consistently contains a significant amount of water throughout the year.

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