Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple History Location Timings

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The historically significant Karur Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar Temple may be found in the Karur District of Tamil Nadu. Saivites see this location as a holy spot. The Swayambhu avatar of Shiva known as Sri Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar Swami rules over a Shiva lingam that is around 5 feet tall.

Both Sri Soundarya Nayaki and Sri Alankara Nayaki, who are shown as goddesses, are considered to be Lord Shiva’s consorts. This particular Shiva Shrine in the Kongu Region is regarded by everyone as the most spiritually advanced of the seven that can be found in that region.

Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple History Location Timings

This particular Shiva Sthalam is the seventh of the seven that can be seen scattered around Kongu Nadu. The Rajagopuram is a seven-story structure with two corridors that rises to a height of 120 feet and has a height of 120 feet. This temple faces east and is oriented in that direction. According to the legend, Lord Brahma was the very first worshipper to visit this temple in order to pay homage to Lord Shiva.

There is a legend that the heavenly bovine goddess Kamadenu visited this temple to pay her respects to Lord Shiva. The hoofprint of the animal may be seen on the Lingam. The name Ahnilaiyappar comes from the combination of the Kamadenu words a, which refers to a cow, and Nilai, which refers to a locality. Eripatha Nayanar is a member of the Nayanmars and is originally from this region. The Chola dynasty was responsible for the building of the temple.

According to inscriptions, King Rajendra Cholan was responsible for building this temple, and he bestowed land concessions upon it throughout his rule. There is not only one temple dedicated to Ambal’s worship but two. Both are devoted to Sri Nayakis, however, one is specifically devoted to Sri Alankara Nayaki while the other is devoted to Sri Soundarya Nayaki. Soundarya Nayaki is a depiction of itcha sakti, while Alankara Nayaki is an indication of kriya sakti.

Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple History Location Timings

A large number of devotees go to the Karur Pasupatheeswarar temple in the belief that doing so would help them find relief from mental disease, as well as the blessing of children and marriage, enhanced employment opportunities, and the expansion of their businesses. the most respected of the seven temples that may be found in the Kongu Region. The stone carving that serves as the temple’s flag hoist was done by hand.

On one side of the flag is a representation of the Shiva Linga, and on the other side is a depiction of the famous sage Pughazh Chola Nayanar bringing a dish towards the god while offering a sacrifice of his head on a plate. It seems as if a cow statue is licking the Shiva Linga. The five Lingas that may be seen here are another distinctive feature of this temple. This temple is home to not one but two distinct sanctuaries, dedicated to the goddess Devi.

It was in this city that the famous Siddha Karuvurar, also known as Karvur Thevar, was born. Karuvurar was an important figure in the expansion and consolidation of the Chola Empire. Purghazh Chola Nayanar held the position of monarch in this area not even a century ago. The poet Thirugnana Sampanthar was inspired to write a poem on this temple.

Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple Karur :

  • The Ultimate Deity: The Pasupathi Nathar, Aanilayappar, and Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar
  • Ambal : It’s Alangaravalli, Chowndira Nayagi, and Kiruba Nayagi.
  • Sacramental Water: Brahma Theertham, Amaravathi Theertham, Thadagai Theertham, Arasa Theertham, Thenu Theeertham, and Muruga Theertham are all sacred Hindu rivers.
  • Sacred Grove: Vanji

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