Siruvapuri Murugan Temple Chinnambedu Timings History Info

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Chinnambedu was once known by the name Siruvar Ambu Edu; however, that name has now been replaced with Chinnambedu. In this very same Siruvapuri Village, there once lived a person who was known by the name of Murugammai. She was a fervent follower of Lord Muruga and had been reciting the name of Muruga for a number of years.

The Siruvapuri Sri Bala Subrahmanyam Temple only has a single prakaram, but its Rajagopuram is rather large and encompasses all five levels of the structure. In this religion, the primary deity is known as Bala Subrahmanyam, and he is around 1.5 meters (4.5 feet) tall when he is standing. Maragatha Vinayakar, Muniswarar, Naagar, Venkatrayar, Bairavar, Navagraham, and Suryanar are the other gods that can be found in this Temple.

Siruvapuri Murugan Temple Chinnambedu Timings History Info

Once Lady Sita returned to Ramayana-era Lanka from Ayodhya, she made her home in a monastic community known as an Ashram. Together with their mother Sita, the brother’s Lava and Kusha, who were born to Rama and Sita, resided at this location during their childhood. Lava and Kusha got into a battle with King Rama when he once visited this location, although, at the time, they were unaware that Rama was their father.

Since they participated in a conflict when they were still youngsters, this location became known as Siruvar Por Puri. Children go to battle is what “Siruvar Por Puri” translates as when spoken in the Tamil language. This name eventually evolved into Siruvapuri, which is used today.

The lady’s husband did not approve of the worship she performed or the prayers that she offered. She disregarded his advice and continued to pray even after he told her not to. Because of this, her husband became irate and slashed her hands as a result of his anger. Murugammai beseeched Lord Muruga for assistance as her suffering increased.

After seeing her unwavering dedication, the Lord united her hands together by completely curing the injury, leaving no trace of it behind. It is thought that if devotees worship at this Temple, the Lord would grant their requests and provide them success in everything they want.

The Maragatha Mayil, also known as the Peacock in Tamil, is an architectural highlight that can be seen at this Temple. It is crafted from green stone. The feature that is exclusive to the Temple The pictures of all of the gods, with the exception of God Muruga, are engraved on stones made of emerald at the Siruvapuri Sri Bala Subrahmanyam temple. This is what makes the temple special.

As this is a Murugan Temple, the most important festival that takes place here is called Kanda Sasti Vizha, and it is accompanied by Soora Samharam. Then the other festivals of this Temple are the Kiruthigai, Prathosam, Sasti, Visakam, Amavasya, Tamil New Year, Vaikasi Visakham, Aadi Guru Poojai, and Deepavali. The other festivities are Thai Poosam, Aadi Kiruthigai, Ayutha Pooja, Maha Shivratri, and Panguni Uthiram.

Siruvapuri Murugan Temple Chinnambedu Timings History Info

The Periyapalayam Shri Bhavani Amman Temple is another well-known temple that is located in the vicinity of this location. This temple is well known for the massive celebration known as “Koozh Vaarthal,” which takes place every year during the Tamil month of Aadi (which begins in the middle of July and continues into August).
Transport facilities

Buses or taxis may take you to the Siruvapuri Sri Bala Subrahmanyam Temple, but you can also drive there yourself. It is possible to take the buses from the Thiruvallur Red Hills to go to this location. There are no trains that can get you to this location.  Those who go to Chennai by rail are required to travel to the location known as Red Hills. They need to go using road conveyance after reaching that point. The Chennai International Airport is the airport that is located closest to this Temple.

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