Sree Chovva Maha Shiva Temple History Timings Pooja Booking

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One of Kerala’s most revered temples, Sree Chovva Maha Shiva Temple gives equal worship to Shiva, Vishnu, and Mahadevi. Here, at one of the oldest temples, Kanwa Maharshi performed the rituals of primary investiture. Since it is of great spiritual significance, Long ago, around the middle of the last century, landowners were in charge of the temple’s management. There was much wealth among Brahmin families.

But the invasion of the Tippu sultan in the eighteenth century radically altered the course of events. The temple was ransacked and robbed by his soldiers. In several cases, Hindus were coerced into becoming Christians. At the Siege of Seringapatna in 1799, Tipu Sultan gave his life for his country. After attacking the castle at Seringapatnam, the British were able to gain a decisive victory.

Sree Chovva Maha Shiva Temple History Timings Pooja Booking

It is said that Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Mahadevi are all given equal reverence in the Sree Chovva Maha Shiva Temple, making it one of the most significant temples in Kerala. This is one of the old temples where Kanwa Maharshi performed the most important investiture. As a place of great spiritual significance, a visit to this temple is a very sacred experience.

The Melechovva neighborhood of Kerala, India is home to the Kannur district, where the Sree Chovva Shiva temple may be found. Currently, renovations are being made to the area. There was Rudrayatnam in January of last year. The Brahma Kalasham will occur in 2011. Vishnu, Ayyapa, Kali, Ganpathi, and Murga are some of the other Prathista, and there’s also a “Guru sthanam.”

Sree Chovva Maha Shiva Temple History Timings Pooja Booking

  • The Chovva Sree Maha Shiva Temple is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Sunday.
  • You can find the Chovva Sree Maha Shiva Temple at Melechowa South, Kannur.
  • Phone: 0497 272 9615.

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Dress Code:

Men are required to dress in the Islamic garb known as mundu. No one is allowed to wear a lungi, banyan, or shirt. It’s acceptable for women to dress in saris, set mundus, salwar kameez, and skirts or blouses.

 How Visiting the Sree Chovva Maha Shiva Temple:

  • By Air: The closest airport is Cochin International Airport, which is located 101 kilometers (km) from the temple.
  • The closest train station is Ernakulam Railway Station, located 121 kilometers from the temple.
  • Kannur is easily accessible from other major cities in India by road network.

History of the Temple:

Melechowa South in the Kannur district of Kerala is home to the Chovva Maha Shiva temple. The Shiva worshipped there is swayambhu, meaning he came directly from the gods. Chovva Maha Shiva may be seen in the east, at his darshanam. Vishnu, Ayyappa, Ganapati, Nagam, and Murugan are the Upa Devatas honored in this temple.

The south altar is dedicated to the Ganapati murti, where regular devotion takes place. The inside of Balivattom has a statue of Mahavishnu facing east and is dedicated to his adoration. Darshanam of nagar is to the west, whereas that of Ayyappa is the Shivling, which is worshipped there, was supposedly buried underground and found by Kanva Maharshi, who then blessed it.

At the temple, Mahashivratri is the most important celebration of the year. According to recorded history, the temple was originally owned by the Kolathiri ruler but was subsequently transferred to Chirakkal Kovilakam. Divasa Pooja, Niramala, Shashti Pooja, Valiya Gurusi, and Kalabha Charthu are some of the most noteworthy rituals performed at the temple.

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