Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur History Timings Detail Location

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When King Vatsaraj of Pratihar was in power, the Mahavira Jain Temple in Osian was constructed. This temple is both an important pilgrimage site and a popular destination for tourists. The twenty-fourth Tirthankar is honored by its believers in Jainism via this work, which also carries a high level of religious significance. Digambara and Shvetambara are the names of the two different branches of Jainism. The Jainism sect known as the Shvetambara is associated with the Mahavira Temple.

The most comprehensive illustration of the Osian group includes a sanctum, a hall with doors, and an open porch right in front of an elaborate “torana,” also known as a gateway. It is believed that it was first constructed about the year 783 AD and that it underwent several phases of restoration and expansion throughout the tenth and eleventh centuries AD, respectively.

Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur History Timings Detail Location:

The ‘torana’, also known as the entrance archway, seems to be an even later addition that was probably built in the eleventh century AD. Sandstone was used to construct the elevated platform that the Mahavira Temple’s holiest of holies is situated upon. It is reported that the statue of Mahavir is covered in a layer of gold and was constructed out of cow’s milk and dirt. There are seven shrines on each side of the sanctum sanctorum, with four on the eastern side and three on the western side. These shrines are connected by a pathway known as the pradaksinapatha.

There are a lot of people that come to this temple to see its magnificent piece of architecture, which is represented by wonderfully carved pillars. The beautiful carvings and inscriptions on the pillars are symbolic of the Maha Maru tradition practiced in this area. The intricately carved statues of nymphs that stand guard at the entrance of the temple are works of art in the form of sculptures.

Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur History Timings Detail Location:

Ajit Colony, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 342303, India is the location of the Jain Mahavira Temple.
The Jain Mahavira Temple in Jodhpur, which is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is one of the most well-known pilgrimage destinations for Jains. The Temple is devoted to Lord Mahavira, and although it is a place of prayer for the Jain people, it is also well known for the historic architecture that it contains. The Temple is an antique building that has been preserved well throughout the years. The Temple encompasses a huge territory and spreads out over it in a gigantic manner.

Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur Entry Fee:

Category Ticket Cost per head

  • Indian Free ( No Entry Fee)
  • Foreign Nationals Rs 10/- per head
  • Still Camera Rs 50/-
  • Video Camera Rs 100/-

Aarti Timings:

Category Timings

  1. Morning Aarti 8.30 am
  2. Aarti in the morning at 9:00 am;
  3. Aarti in the evening at 18:00 pm;
  4. Aarti 20 minutes before sunset;
  5. Photography; Worship; etc.

Opening Timings Of Temple:

Open each and every day of the week Timings 6:00 am to 8:30 pm, temple Closes at 8.30 pm.
Please consider that the timing of events may change on holidays and during festivals.

Attracting Places:

  • Khejarla Fort Balsamand Lake
  • Kailana Lake
  • Ranisar Padamsar Gulab Sagar Lake
  • Sacred Shrines of Ganesh Temple
  • Pal Balaji temple
  • Fort Mehrangarh’s Hall of Heroes and the Rajput Palace
  • Rai Ka Bag Palace
  • Kota
  • Maharishi Dadhichi Garden Ramdevra Temple Umed Garden… etc


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  • By Air:    The Jodhpur Airport is the Nearest Airport, and it is just 3 kilometers away.
  • By train: You may get there at the Jodhpur Railway Station, which is 2.7 kilometers away. This is the closest airport.
  • By bus: Jodhpur is well-linked with other major cities and the city’s bus station is about two kilometers away.

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