Rai Ka Bagh Palace Time Procedure Location Jodhpur

Know the details about the Rai Ka Bagh Palace Time Procedure Location Jodhpur, Rai Ka Bagh Palace Time Procedure Location Jodhpur

The majestic Rai Ka Bag Palace is one of the well-known attractions of the location. It can be found in the historic city of Jodhpur, quite near the railway station that shares its name. Hadiji, who served as the queen of Raja Jaswant Singh I, is credited with constructing this beautiful palace in the year 1663.

Jodhpur is home to the magnificent Rai ka Bag Palace. It is in the form of an octagon and has an exquisite outlook. Because it was one of the king’s favorite palaces, King Jaswant Singh-II spent most of his time in this octagonal-shaped bungalow palace. The palace also had eight sides. At the present time, the Jodhpur Income Tax Office is located inside this palace.

Rai Ka Bagh Palace Time Procedure Location Jodhpur

During Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s visit to Jodhpur in the year 1883, the public field of the palace was utilized to host the audience. This event took place at Jodhpur. It is said that the King would only visit this castle to listen to this saint when he needed spiritual advice. At the present day, the office of Jodhpur’s income tax may be found inside this palace.

Jodhpur is home to the breathtaking architectural masterpiece that is the Rai Ka Bagh Palace, which is a popular destination for vacationers. The palace was erected in 1663, and one of its distinguishing characteristics is that it is designed and constructed in the form of an octagon. If you are going to be in Rajasthan, you should definitely make a stop in Jodhpur. This semi-arid city has a lot to offer its guests, and you won’t want to miss it.

The residents are exceedingly kind and cheerful, and their brightly colored clothes provide a splash of color to the otherwise monotonous landscape of the sandy desert. Only 215 kilometers separate this location from the Thar desert. The palace is located in close proximity to both Jodhpur’s airport and its train station, which enables visitors from all over the world to reach it with relative ease.

Hadiji, who was the queen of King Jaswanth Singh I, was responsible for the planning of the city of Jodhpur. The peaceful Rai Ka Bagh Palace has constructed around five hundred years ago. As of right now, the palace is utilized by the government of Rajasthan State, namely the office of the Income Tax Department, which is located there. The building is maintained by India’s Archeological department, which also oversees similar projects. The lovely palace has had a portion of it turned into a museum, and it now houses relics that date back to the 16th century.

Rai Ka Bagh Palace Time Procedure Location Jodhpur And Entry Fee

  • Cost of Admission to Each Category on an Individual Basis
  • Free for Indians ( No Entry Fee)
  • For those Who Are Not Citizens of the United States Free ( No Entry Fee)
  • There is no charge for the Still Camera ( No Entry Fee)
  • Video Camera Free ( No Entry Fee)
  • The prices are subject to change at any time.

Palace Timings

  • Every day of the week, we are open.
  • Times are from midnight to midnight. ( 24*7)
  • Visitor hours are recommended to be between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • Remember that hours of operation may vary for holidays and celebrations.

Prices Of Guides

  • Guides in the Indian Language are priced at Rs. 200 each,
  • Guide in the Indian Language is priced at Rs. 200,
  • Guides in Other Languages are priced at Rs. 600,
  • Guides for Students Studying Abroad are priced at Rs. 400.

Location Of The Palace

Located in close proximity to the Rai Ka Bagh Railway Station,

Jodhpur, Rajasthan – 342006,


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