Kumbha Palace Timing Entry Fee History Chittorgarh Rajasthan

Know More Details About Kumbha Palace Timing Entry Fee History Chittorgarh Rajasthan, Kumbha Palace Best Timings Entry fees Location

Within the walls of the Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan is where you’ll find the Rana Kumbha Palace. It is situated next to the main gate and in close proximity to the Vijay Stambha. The remains of the once-famous palace include a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, a building called Zanana mahal, a building called Diwan e-aam, and a stable for horses.

Legend has it that Maharana Udai Singh, the man credited with founding the city of Udaipur, was born in this location. His wet nurse, Panna Dai, is credited with saving his life by concealing him in a fruit basket so that he could be delivered safely. Meerabai, a well-known bhakti poetess, originally called this location her home. It is also believed that Rani Padmini planned and carried out her Jauhar, widely known as her self-immolation, inside this fort.

Kumbha Palace Timing Entry Fee History Chittorgarh Rajasthan

  • The entry fee for the Chittorgarh Kumbha Palace is Rs. 20/- per head
  • Ticket Prices: Indians pay Rs. 20/- per head, while non-Indians pay Rs. 50/- per head.
  • Still, Cameras Are Free, and Video Cameras Are Free, Too.
  • Please Take Note That Prices May Vary

Chittorgarh Rana Kumbha Palace Timings:

  • Open Every Day of the Week, Visitors are Welcome between the Hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM
  • Guides: Guides are available

Many Other Chittorgarh Attractions Include The Following:

  • Temple of Meera atop Chittor Fort
  • Kalika Mata Temple
  • Padmini Palace
  • Gaumukh Kund Rana Ratan Palace
  • Ram Pol Kumbhahyam Temple
  • Fateh Prakash Palace
  • Samdhisvar Temple Ban Mata Temple
  • Gora Badal Palace

Kumbha Palace Timing Entry Fee History Chittorgarh Rajasthan Location

Photography: Taking photographs and shooting films is permitted here. The Rana Kumbha Palace can be seen in the Chittorgarh Fort Village. Chittorgarh, Rajasthan – 312001, India, Chittorgarh, India The months of October through March are Chittorgarh’s peak tourist season. The following is the contact number for the Chittorgarh Tourism Information Centre: Contact us at 91-9393939150 or 9393939510 for further information and updates on tourism.

Chittorgarh Kumbha Palace Is Located In Rajasthan, India. Here’s How To Get There:

  • The Maharana Pratap Airport, often known as the Udaipur Airport, is the Nearest Airport and is located around 80 kilometres away.
  • Chittaurgarh Junction Railway Station, which is the Nearest Railway Station and is located 7.5 kilometres away, is the one to use if you are travelling by train.
  • Chittorgarh is well-linked with other major cities and the city’s bus station is just two kilometres away. Chittorgarh is also easily accessible by road.

History Of Kumbha Palace Rajasthan

It is believed that Bappa Rawal constructed this palace in the year 734 A.D. After then, during the time that he was in power as Maharana, he restored it, and from that point on, it was always known by his name. Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh History Kumbha Palace, also known as Rana Kumbha Palace, is located in Chittorgarh next to the Vijay Stamba. It was built by Rana Kumbha.

According to the tales, that palace is home to a temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva in addition to a number of other fascinating constructions. Ruins are all that remains of the once-great palace, despite the fact that it has a rich history. However, just by glancing at the remains of the palace, one may still get a sense of its former splendour. Stones were sculpted into lovely forms in order to construct the palace, which was done utilising these stones.

Places To Visit And Things To Do In And Around

People who are captivated by history and legends will find that the remnants of the fort have a great deal of appeal for them. In the neighbourhood of this palace, you may also go to the Naulakha Bandar or the Chitto chief treasurer’s office. In the same neighbourhood may also be found the shrine of Singa Chowri. In addition to it, there is the palace of Fatah Prakash.

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