Omkareshwara Temple History Timings Cost Online Booking

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There are many pilgrims that visit Omkareshwar specifically to worship at the temple. Omkareshwar would not exist without the temple. It’s unknown when the temple was built or by whom. The dome of the sanctum sanctorum housing the Jyotirlinga seems to have been initially a tiny temple built in the traditional manner, with layers of stone slabs rather than circularly-cut stones.

The big addition to this temple is of modern building style because of how near it is to the sheer, deep bank of the Narmada to the south. Because of this, the holiest of holies and the major god are neither located at the entrance nor are they below the more prominent Shikhar or the tower added at a later date.

Omkareshwara Temple History Timings Cost Online Booking

Omkareshwar Temple’s Holy Place (Sthala Purana)

 The Sthalapurana claims that the Daemons conquered the deity, causing the deva teacher Indra to worry and that this same demon destroyed all three planets, which are in fact the Thrilokas. Lord Shiva returned with the Jyothirroopa as Omkareshwara to bestow strength on the devas.

 In addition to Manu, Brahma, and Vishnu had their homes here on the banks of the Narmada. It is here on the Narmada River that the cities of Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri, and Rudrapuri have been established; together they form the “Tripuri Kshetra,” and it is at Rudrapuri that the Amareshwar Jyothirlinga is to be found.

 After ascending to power with Indra’s assistance, Yavanaswa Putra Mandhata is said to have worshipped Shiva with such devotion and affection that he earned the approval of the god; as a consequence, the Puranas state, the Narmada River began flowing from the summit of the Omkar Jyotirlinga. It is said that Lord Shiva is pleased whenever bubbles form in the spring.

Omkareshwara Temple Timings:

  • Time of Darshan: every day, 05 AM to 3:50 PM.
  • The hours of operation will be from 05:15 PM to 09:30 PM.
  • It is forbidden to bring coconuts, flowers, Bilwa Patras, or any other Pooja materials inside Garbha Gruha after 4 p.m.
  • The cost of a Special Darshan Ticket is 500 Indian Rupees ($10).
  • A maximum of four seats for Visesh Darshan may be reserved in advance.
  • Those who wear Darshan garb must take off their shirts and banis before entering Garbha Gruha.
  • During Sivaratri and Karthik Masa, the temple will be overrun by worshippers.

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Directions to the Omkareshwar Temple.

By Air: One, the closest airport is in Indore, which is 85 kilometers distant.

By train: Omkareshwar Road, 12 kilometers distant, has the closest train station.

Through Travel on a paved highway: One, you may take a bus straight from the train station in Indore or Ujjain. The temple is around 138 kilometers (km) distant from Ujjain.

Omkareshwara Temple History Timings Cost Online Booking

The exact year when this Omkareshwar temple was built remains a mystery. According to records from that era, construction began in 1063. Udayadthya, king of the Pavas, had four pillars carved with Sanskrit stotras erected in his palace.

The island’s earliest inhabitants were tribal people, and their goddess was Kalika Devi. Saint Dariyayinath took over and instituted changes, making it secure for pilgrims to approach Omkareshwar without being harassed or forced to make sacrifices.

There are 60 massive brownstone pillars in the Sabha mandap of the Omkareshwara temple, and each one is 14 feet tall, demonstrating the temple’s excellent Nagara-style construction. After defeating the Bhils in 1195, Raja Singh Chauhan constructed a palace near the demolished Omkareshwara temple, which is now open to tourists.

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