Nellaiappar Temple Tirunelveli Architecture Location Timings

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Nellaiappar Temple, located in Tirunelveli, is one of the city’s most notable landmarks. To ensure everyone’s safety, Gandhimathi did penance to win over Lord Shiva. In order to encourage the development of kindness, the Goddess Umadevi left her home on Kabilai Hill and traveled to Venuvanam, bringing with her two portions of rice.

Sitting on the bank of the Kamb√° River, she had a vision of Lord Shiva, and shortly thereafter she became engaged. The Lord and the Ambaal worked together to show us how to enjoy life without putting ourselves in harm’s way.

Nellaiappar Temple Tirunelveli Architecture Location Timings

  • The Goddess came to Earth in the shape of Goddess Kamatchi to preach repentance to her people. With the use of a celestial game (Thiruvilaiyadal), God revealed to the worshippers of this temple that He is present in everything and that every person’s soul would return to Him.
  • As an offering to Shiva, the Hindu deity, Brahmin Vedha Sharma scavenged some rice and laid it out to dry on the floor. When a devastating storm ravaged the city, Vedha Sharma pleaded with God to intervene.
  • As it started to rain, he prayed to Lord Shiva for protection for the rice seeds. Because of this, he soon became known as Nelvelinathar. After much debate, the locals decided on Thirunelveli as the city’s official name.
  • The four Vedas prayed to the Lord to be transformed into trees at Venuvanam. Bamboo beats with a steady pulse. Because of this, Shiva took the shape of a Lingam, and the four Vedas were interpreted as bamboo groves.
  • When Ramakone, a milkman, tried to cross the Venuvanam with his heavy cargo, he was struck down by Lord Shiva. Once the milk had spilled, Lord Shiva, who had a massive scar on his forehead, presented himself as Venuvananathar.
  • The Gangalanathar, disguised as Pitchadhana Moorthy, famously won an epic battle against the haughty sages. When Indra Thuiman drank from the “Kari Uru Maari Theertham” of this temple, the curse cast on him by Sage Thuruvasar was lifted.
  • Awe-inspiring architecture and design inspired by Saiva philosophy. King Swetha Kethu of Nellayampathi offered offerings to the deity Nellaiappar every day. Without offspring, he knew his time was short and he made a pilgrimage to the temple to do shiva pooja.
  • Yama, the god of the dead, threw a rope at Lord Shiva in an attempt to trap him and take his soul. To put it another way, God basically told Yama to shove it. The Hindu god Shiva begged the monarch not to kill himself.
  • Yet, the king’s ultimate goal did not consist of escaping the cycle of reincarnation. This event is described in detail by Kurtruthaitha Nelveli in Periyapuranam.

Nellaiappar Temple Tirunelveli Architecture Location Timings

  • Around the area where Subramaniar sannathi is placed on the first circle of the temple, stone sculptures by Kaala Samharamoorthy may be found. Devotees get together once a year on the days of pooram, uthiram, and hastham, when those signs appear in the horoscope, to commemorate the thiruvilaiyadal.
  • The full week is treated as a holiday and festivities are held in honor of it. The Panja Moorthy is charioteered about after the Sivalinga poojai.
  • Appar and Sambanthar both admire Kalaari Moorthy because his narrative exemplifies the reality that individuals who devote their lives to God would have nothing to fear in the hereafter.
  • Young Thirukadayur was destined to die from birth, but Lord Shiva played a heavenly game with him, kicking Yama (the god of death) to preserve his life. God took away the elderly man’s fear of dying.
  • As the Goddess Gandhimathi promulgated charity and wed the Lord Nellaiappar before the sage Agasthiar, the Nellaiappar temple is more revered than the Thirukadaiyur temple. Marriages, shasti poorti, bheema ratha shanthi, sathabhishekam, and mrithunjaya yaaham are only a few of the most common religious rites performed there.

Nellaiappar Sannadhi Pooja Timings:
Tiruvananthal Pooja 6:33 am
Vilapooja Pooja 7:34 am
Sirukalaa Sandhi Pooja 8:31 am
Kalaa Sandhi Pooja 9:37 am
Uchiikalam Pooja 12:08 pm
Sayaratchai Pooja 6:04 pm
Ardajama Pooja 8:39 pm

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