Bannari Amman Temple History Opening Timings Entry Fees

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The full background of the Bannari Amman Temple in Sathyamangalam is detailed here. They saw tigers and cows drinking from the same river about 300 years ago, which they thought was a miraculous sight. Cattle grazing in the fields was once managed by cowherds. All the grass the cows could eat was right here. Around sunset, these cows were herded back to their stalls. Cows’ milk was traditionally gathered by cowherds and delivered to the animals’ owners.

One cow refused to let the cowherd milk her, and she also wouldn’t let her calf get close to her. The cowherd is wary of that cow and has chosen to keep an eye on it. He let the other cows go about their business as he sneaked up on the elusive cow. It wandered over to a Vengai tree in isolation and stopped to have a look above. The udder spontaneously started releasing milk.

Bannari Amman Temple History Opening Timings Entry Fees

 He was amazed by the unusual sight and shared his story with the other herders. The word quickly circulated among the locals. The following day, they traveled to the scene to see the miracle for themselves. The cow was observed engaging in the same pattern of behavior. At that very location on the grass, milk oozed cozily from its udder. After clearing off the overgrown grass and bushes, they discovered a sand mound and Swayambu Linga in the area.

Since Linga is divine in and of itself, they reasoned, the ground beneath the Vengai tree ought to have some sort of heavenly import. With folded hands, they prayed to the Linga. At least one of the worshippers there went into a trance. He took on the role of Deity’s messenger, spreading the word of God to everybody. His comments were taken to mean that the deity protected the Tamil Nadu merchants who rode their cattle to the Karnataka marketplace.

The breathtaking beauty of that location so enthralled the deity that she chose to remain there to bless and protect the travelers. Even more, she requested that a temple be built there in honor of Bannari Mariamman so that locals might worship her and ask for her blessings. The name “Bannari” was used for the woodland that is now known as Dana Nayakkan or Dhandanayakkan. The magnificent “Bannari Amman Temple” is the original inspiration for the name “Bannari” for this significant historical site.

Bannari Amman Temple History Opening Timings Entry Fees

  • On the walls of the temple are murals depicting scenes from the temple’s history.
  • All other Hindu temples face either East or North, but the one and only Bannari Amman Temple are built with its southern front facing due south.
  • As offerings, Vibhuti and Kumkuma are standard fares at most Hindu temples, however, in the Bannari Amman temple, visitors get Bannari soil.
  • Animals that people domesticated, such as cows, goats, and chickens, are not allowed to participate in the Kundam celebration at other goddess temples, but they are at the Bannari Amman temple. After the animals begin the kundam celebration, no humans are permitted to join in.
  • It is in the Tamil month of Panguni that the Kundam Festival is held (March – April). Lakhs of worshipers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to the temple during this joyous and celebratory month, making it the single most well-known event of the year.
  • The celebrated Kundam festival will be observed as a local holiday in the Erode district. New moon days, Tuesdays, and Fridays are set aside for the sacred poojas.
  • This temple is a hub of activity for the celebrations surrounding Diwali, Pongal (Sankranti), the Tamil new year, and the English new year.
  • We also commemorate the Golden Chariot Festival, the giving of turmeric water, the Thiruvillaku Pooja, and the maru Pooja.
  • Bannari Amman is available for darshan (visitation) from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • On the final Friday of every Tamil month, female devotees gather for the ritual of Thiruvilakku pooja. Bannari Amman Temple History Opening Timings Entry Fees

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