Kalika Mata Temple Pavagadh History Timings Contact Details

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Located on top of Pavagadh Hill, this sacred temple complex attracts many visitors each year. Even if you are not religious, you should still go to the temple because of the beautiful scenery around it. Dating back to the 10th or 11th century, this archaeological site is set in the middle of the incredible beauty of the Champaner – Pavagadh region.

One of the holiest Shaktipeeths in all of India, the best part of visiting this temple is the thrilling ropeway ride that leads directly to the front doors of the shrine. Has enormous walls and an open chowk where sacrifices are made, as well as two altars that are illuminated with colourful lights throughout the festival season.

Kalika Mata Temple Pavagadh History Timings Contact Details

  • Times of Opening and Closing: 06:00 AM to 07:30 PM.

History of Kalika Mata:

In the beginning, the local Bhil and Koli populations worshipped Goddess Kalika Mata at the temple. Vishvamitra subsequently pleaded with her and put her in place atop the Pavagadh Hills in Gujarat. At the moment, Chandi or Durga statues are used to honour the local god. Mata, the goddess they worship at the temple, is highly revered in their faith. According to a fascinating legend, the locals once staged a Garbha play in honour of the Mata as part of the temple’s annual celebrations.

The goddess, delighted as punch, took on the female form and joined the revelry. In spite of being cautioned by her, the monarch continued to give her very obscene glances. The goddess was so incensed, that she cast a curse against the monarch, stating that the latter would fall from power precipitously.

Celebrates Festivals at Kalika mata Pavagadh:

During the major festivals, a great number of people visit this temple, since it is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Gujarat. Visitors to the temple beat the bell-metal emblems as a form of homage to the goddess Kalika Mata. Major celebrations during the nine-day all-powerful religious festival occur on the full moons of Chaitra, Dussehra, and Navratri. In celebration of this day, many believers gather.

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Kalika Mata Temple Pavagadh History Timings Contact Details

Pavagadh Hill:

The Pavagadh hills are said to be the site where Sati’s right foot touched down, and they may be found near the southernmost end of the Aravali mountain ranges, inside the plains of the Panchmahal region in Gujarat. In any case, this isn’t the only mythology that involves it; there are really quite a few.

More than 3,280 acres make up the park where the hill may be found. As there are so many significant Jain temples on this hill, it is also known as a pilgrimage site for the Jain people. Its hill formerly served as the foundation for the mysterious city of Champaner, and it is now a wonderful destination to visit with your loved ones on a vacation to Gujarat.

Perfect Time to Go Pavagadh:

Because of the hill temple’s proximity to Gujarat, visitors should avoid venturing there during the summer months, when temperatures soar to dangerous levels. More than 40 degrees Celsius is reached at this time. While the monsoon season brings some welcome reprieve, getting from one place to another may be a real challenge due to the frequent rain and lightning.

A visit to the kali Mata temple in Pavagadh is most enjoyable in the fall, winter, and spring. The months of September through March comprise this time period. The temperature is just right, and the atmosphere is agreeable enough to warrant a trip to view the sites.

How to Reach Pavagadh Kalika Mata Temple:

  • It shouldn’t take more than two hours to drive to the temple from the city centre. And you may get there by any of these routes:
  • To go to the airport in Gujarat from anywhere in the world, you may take a plane. Taxis or cabs are your best bet for getting from the airport to the temple.
  • Given its status as a major tourist attraction in Gujarat, the area is well-served by a well-developed road system. Taking a cab from Vadodara will involve a trip of 45 kilometres.
  • Trains can get you to Pavagadh from anywhere in India in a little over an hour, and the station nearest to the city is just 13 kilometres away at the Champaner road intersection. Nevertheless, the main railway station that serves many trains from throughout India is located 36 kilometres away, either at Godhra junction or Vadodara junction.

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