Tripura Sundari Temple History Agartala Timings Location

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During his reign in the late 15th century, King Dhanya Manikya of Tripura is said to have had a dream in which the goddess Tripura Sundari revealed to him that she wanted to be worshipped on a hilltop close to the modern capital of the country, Udaipur. A shrine to Vishnu already stood on the hilltop, as the monarch soon discovered.

He couldn’t make up his mind about the conundrum he was facing, which was how an icon of Shakti could be housed in a temple devoted to Vishnu. The supernatural vision occurred again the next night. The monarch realized that both Vishnu and Shakti were manifestations of the same Divine Energy (Brahman).

Hence, the Tripura Sundari temple was established in the early sixteenth century. [4] At the turn of the century, the temple had already been around for half a millennium. The Vaishnava and Shakta sects of Hinduism come together in this fable as an exemplar of interfaith harmony.

Tripura Sundari Temple History Agartala Timings Location

Since the layout of the temple grounds evokes a tortoise, the locals have given this pithasthan an additional name: Kurma Pith. At first glance, the temple building may be mistaken for a Buddhist Stupa that has been altered. While there is a little doorway on the building’s northern side, the temple’s primary entrance is located to the west.

There is no mistaking the impact of medieval Bengali “Char Chaala”(4-slanted roof) temple architecture, yet this fusion is exclusive to Tripura and might be called the state’s own Architectural style. The temple has a traditional Bengali hut layout, with a square sanctuary covered by a conical roof. In September 2003, a stamp honoring this history was published picturing the Tripureswari shrine.

Kalyan Sagar (the lake) is located on the temple’s eastern side, and it is home to a number of large fish species as well as a number of tortoises. The temple may be found around three kilometers south of Udaipur proper. Most people refer to it as the Matabari Temple or the Temple of Tripura Sundari.

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Facts About Tripura Sundari Temple:

The Tripura Sundari Temple was commissioned by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya. Although legend has it that he first built the temple for Lord Bishnu, a dream revelation prompted him to transport the Kasti stone idol of Mata Tripurasundari from Chittagong, Bangladesh, and place it at the shrine. They count it as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Parts of Devi Sati’s corpse are said to have fallen into what is known as Peethasthans in Hindu mythology.

According to the “Pithamala Grantha,” here is where Sati’s right foot landed during Lord Siva’s Tandava Dance. This is all compiled from research conducted on Temple documents. Unfortunately, most of these manuscripts have been lost to the ravages of time. Kasti stone, a reddish-black material, was used to create the reddish-black idol of Devi Tripura Sundari.

Tripura Sundari is the form of the Goddess worshipped in Udaipur. The name of the deity is known by many different forms in the local language. The temple is a modest cube, 24 square feet in size at its base and 75 feet in height. The temple is located on a tiny mound called Kurma Pha, which takes its name from its resemblance to the hump of a tortoise.

Tripura Sundari Temple History Agartala Timings Location

  • When traveling by plane, please note that the distance from the airport in Agartala is 64 kilometers.
  • Train: 51 kilometers from Agartala to the nearest station
  • If you’re traveling by car, the distance from the Agartala Bus Station is 55 kilometers.
  • The hours of operation for the Tripura Sundari Temple are from 4:00 am to 10:00 night.
  • Red Hibiscus flowers, as well as brown condensed milk (doodh) pedals, are often used as part of PRASAD, or offerings.

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