Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple Kerala History Timings Info

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Known as the Dwarka of South India or Bhuloka Vaikunta, the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple can be found in Guruvayur, which is in the state of Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Lord Guruvaiurappan (Lord Vishnu). It is known as Bhuloka Vaikunta, and it is a temple. The temple is known as the Vaikuntha on earth “Bhuloka” because it is believed that Lord Vishnu lives in Vaikuntam, which translates to “dwelling of Lord Vishnu.”

At the temple, there is an idol of the Lord that has four arms. The temple is known for its rigorous observance of rites and laws. The ambiance of the shrine imparts a full and utterly heavenly sensation. The city of Guruvayur is well-known for the temple that is dedicated to Lord Guruvayurappan.

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple Kerala History Timings Info

  • ┬áLord Parashurama returned to his ashram, content in the knowledge that all who were plagued with rheumatism in his ashram would now be healed of their condition as a result of their worship of the freshly consecrated Deity.
  • Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi relocated their home to the area that is today known as Mammiyur, which was once known as the northern bank of the lake named Rudra Teertham.
  • Guru and Vayudeva sent an invitation to Vishwakarma, a heavenly builder, to construct a temple in the vicinity of the freshly dedicated Deity.
  • After then, this location was bestowed with the name Guruvayur by the.
  • The Name is derived by combining the names Guru and Vayu. The name Guruvayurappan was eventually bestowed on the deity.
  • It is said that King Janamejaya, the son of King Parikshit, worshiped Lord Guruvayurappan at the temple for a period of time in order to be freed from the curse of serpents.
  • He had incurred as a result of the homa that he had performed in order to seek revenge for the death of his father, King Parikshit.
  • Duration of one year and one month After learning about and gaining an understanding of the reason for Guru and Vayudeva’s visit.
  • Lord Parashurama guided them to a large lake that was brimming with lovely lotus blossoms.
  • During the beginning of the Kali-yuga, the lake that is now referred to as Rudra Teertham covered a much larger area than it does today.
  • Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi, who had been meditating under the lake, emerged to greet Guru and Vayudeva. when they became aware of the mission that they were on.
  • They were given instructions by Lord Shiva to perform the ritual of consecration at a nearby modest shrine that had been prepared for the arrival of the Lord.
  • They were apprehensive to devote themselves to the Goddess at first after visiting the shrine since it was already inhabited by a magnificent Deity of Durga Devi.
  • But, Durga Devi reassured them that she was waiting for Lord Krishna’s coming and that she would shift to a position under a nearby tree as soon as he arrived.
  • Because of this change in her posture, Durga Devi came to be known as Edathariyathukavil Bhagavathy, which translates to “the Goddess who Moves.”

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple Significance And Importance

When Lord Krishna broke the news to His devoted follower Uddhava about His impending departure from earth, Uddhava was overcome with grief. To reassure him, Lord Krishna said that He was present in Dwarka in the form of the Deity who would bless worshippers and protect them from the negative repercussions of the Kali Yuga.

As Dwarka was submerged in the ocean, Brihaspati, the Guru of the Devatas, and Vayudeva gave Uddhava the assignment of ensuring that the Deity was moved to its proper location and set there by Vayudeva and Brihaspati. As a result of Krishna’s departure, the kingdom of Dwarka was submerged in the ocean seven times.

Guru, also known as Brihaspathi, accompanied Vayudeva on his mission to protect the Deity and discovered that it was being thrown about by the violent waves of the ocean. They appealed to the god of the sea, Varuna deva, to still the waves so that the deity might be retrieved from the water. As a result, the sea was able to settle down, and the deity was able to be gathered and put on top of Vayudeva’s head so that it could be transported to the proper location to be consecrated.

At the time when Guru and Vayudeva were passing through what is now the state of Kerala, Lord Parashurama went to meet them and greet them. Sage Narada taught Lord Parashurama that the Deity of Lord Krishna that was revered in Dwarka by Krishna Himself might heal the ailment known as rheumatism that had afflicted the people of the kingdom.

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple Kerala History Timings Info

It is stated that Lord Vishnu Himself revered the deity of Sri Guruvayurappan while he was in Vaikuntha. In order for Lord Brahma to be able to finish the process of creating the cosmos at the beginning of the Padma kalpa, Lord Vishnu granted Lord Brahma His Godhead.

The exact same Deity was given to Prishni and Sutapa by Lord Brahma at the beginning of the Varaha kalpa, with the blessing of Lord Vishnu. They were instructed by Lord Brahma to worship the Deity, and he informed them that if they did so, Lord Vishnu would be born to them as a son in one of their subsequent three incarnations. Prishni and Sutapa yearned for the joy that would come with the birth of a child.

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