Virupaksha Temple Hampi Online Booking Timings Location

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If you take the local bus, you may find this temple just opposite where it lets you off on the south side of the tungabadra River. Overall, this region has long served as a significant hub for Shiva devotees making the trek here. It’s not only devotees that go to Virupaksha Temple; sightseers do, too. Both young and old go to the yearly events.

The legends surrounding this temple are the basic foundation on which Hampi’s status as a holy site rests. This temple is said to have been continuously worshipped from its commencement in the seventh century A.D. To this day, it remains one of India’s most revered religious sites.
Several small, isolated shrines (perhaps dating back to the 7th century) were the first places of devotion, each containing an image of the deity or goddess.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi Online Booking Timings Location

The temple grew from a modest structure into a gigantic complex over the course of many centuries, complete with several smaller shrines, pillared halls, flagpoles, lampposts, towered gates, and even a sizable kitchen. The chariot road in front of the temple, today known as the Hampi Bazaar, leads to the great entry tower within.

A large tower (Gopura) on the temple’s eastern side serves as the gateway to the temple’s inner courtyard. In Hampi, the most recognizable structure is a 9-story tower painted in pastels and topped by two projections that resemble cow horns. Both of the tower’s lower levels include intricate stone carvings.

There are two enormous courtyards, one connecting to the other, and the main temple faces east. From the aforementioned tower, you may reach the first courtyard immediately. A historic well can be found in the far right corner of this courtyard, while the far left corner holds the administrative offices, the ticket desk, and a police station.

Overlapping the two courts on the south side of the property is a kitchen complex that extends out into the main building. The kitchen may be reached via a small doorway on one of the hall’s walls, which is hidden by 100 pillars. The floor of the kitchen facility has a system of water channels leading to the surrounding river.  Virupaksha Temple Hampi Online Booking Timings Location.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi Online Booking Timings Location

  • Directions to the Virupaksha Temple
    International travelers should fly into Bellary, which is around 350 kilometers from Hampi. It is possible to reach Hampi via taxi from Bellary.
  • Hotspot, about 13 kilometers distant, has a train station. Hospot’s connections to larger centers like Bellary and Bangalore are plentiful.
  • The majority of visitors use taxis from Hospot to go to Hampi. Bangalore is 288 kilometers away from Hampi.
  • Those coming from Bellary, Hospet, or Bangalore may easily take a bus to Hampi. Both Volvo and air-conditioned (AC) buses are at the passengers’ disposal.
  • Cabs are another option for tourists.

Construction of the Virupaksha Temple

Among the features of this sacred structure are a hall supported by many pillars, a shrine, and three antechambers. The temple is surrounded by courtyards, a pillared monastery, a handful of tiny shrines, and many entrances. The Eastern Gate is the largest of the entrances. It has nine levels and is 50 meters in length.

The building is sturdy and retains remnants of its earlier construction. The structure is brick, and it has a gravel base that leads to an asphalt court. There are several sanctums within this court. The three towers of the eastern inner gopuram are adorned with to the north, visitors can access a smaller compound housing additional sanctuaries via the Kanakagiri gopuram.

King Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire provided funding for the construction of the temple. There is speculation that he was responsible for the addition of the temple’s main pillared hall, which is the most ornate part of the building. The significance of his donations to the temple is detailed in inscriptions on a stone slab located outside the main hall.

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 Timings Of Virupaksha Temple

  • Every day of the week from 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM is when you may visit the Hampi Virupaksha Temple.
  • The fee to enter Virupaksha Temple in Hampi is Rs 5/-; the cost to have your shoes taken care of is Rs 2/-; and photography is permitted (But Prohibited Inside The Temple)
  • The price of a photo: is 50 paise; the price of a tour guide: is 500 paise.

Prasadam of the Hampi Virupaksha Temple

  • Provisions:  Sweet Pongal, etc
  •  Coconut, Milk, Flowers.

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