Top Best Tourist Attractions Places In Munnar Kerala

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The majority of tourists who visit India’s hill stations make their way to Munnar. Heaven for tourists of all ages may be found in the Western Ghats, which are located at an altitude of 6,000 feet above sea level. South Indians could plan their vacations at Munnar since it has a wide variety of attractions for tourists to enjoy.

Here is a list of places to visit in Munnar that can help make your vacation more memorable and provide you more delight. One of the most paradisiacal locations in the nation known as God’s Own Land is Munnar.

Top Best Tourist Attractions Places In Munnar Kerala

This hill station is known as the region in South India with the most extensive tea plantations, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Munnar area. A breathtaking panorama of the Western Ghats can be seen from the top station. During the period when Britain ruled India, tea was transported by train to Madupatty and Munnar via Munnar, which served as a transshipment point. The elevation of the Top Station is 5578 feet above mean sea level.

In addition to the tea plantations, Neelakurinji Flowers is close by and is the most important location to check out while you’re here. The flowers will only bloom once every 12 years, but when they do, they will make the sight charming. They are the most unusual sight.

  • The hours of operation will be from six in the morning to six in the evening, every day.
  • Time to spend: between one and two hours is the minimum time required to spend.
  • Photography: This is the ideal location for taking photographs, and there is no charge for doing so.
  • The cost of entrance is completely waived. The months of November through February offer comfortable temperatures, making it the perfect time to pay a visit to the location.

In comparison to the other waterfalls in Kerala, this one stands out as very distinctive. The height of the waterfall, which is above 800 meters, may be seen in the snow-white fall that covers the rocks and hillocks. Its waterfall is encircled on all sides by green tea plantations, mountains, streams with refreshing water, and hazy hilltops. The Rose Garden in Munnar is an ideal location for seeing a diverse range of flora, including crops such as vanilla, cardamom, spices, and other kinds of fruit trees. This Garden is one of the greatest spots to visit in Munnar with the people you care about since it is located only two kilometers away from the city’s central business district.

Top Best Tourist Attractions Places In Munnar Kerala

  • The Rose Garden in Munnar is home to many other types of flora in addition to its many different types of roses. Some of these plants include spices, fruits, and spices including cardamom, vanilla, strawberry, rambutan, litchi, and amla.
  • Those visitors who are enthusiastic about gardening and planting can purchase the seeds of various flower species, take them home, and cultivate them as a memento of their time spent in the garden.
  • Time Spent about The maximum amount of time that visitors are permitted to spend in the rose garden is two to three hours, and the entrance cost is twenty rupees (INR), which is the same for both Indians and foreigners.
  • It costs 20 rupees for a mobile phone or camera to snap a picture, while it costs 500 rupees for a professional digital single-lens reflex camera to record video.
  • The park gives several activities that excite and make visitors enjoy it to the utmost and is the must-visit site in Munnar. This is the best destination for adventure junkies. The facility draws all age groups since it offers age-wise experiences for tourists.
  • The location is open to tourists throughout the entire year, although September through May is considered to be the most pleasant time to go there.

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