Thakurbari Temple History Darshan Timings Price Details

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Some of the most important deities in Hinduism are honored in the Thakurbari Temple, which can be found in Gangtok in the state of Sikkim. In the year 1935, the Thakurbari temple was built on a plot of land that had been given to the cause by the Chogyal of Sikkim. The temple is open 24 hours a day, from morning to sunset, with daily ceremonies taking place there. A ritual known as “Chhath Puja” is carried out at the Thakurbari temple on a regular basis. This ceremony is coordinated by the temple committee. It is common knowledge that the Chhath Puja is a very old Hindu celebration that is devoted to Lord Surya (Sun god).

Thakurbari Temple History Darshan Timings Price Details

Because he is regarded as the god of energy and because it is thought that the Sun god is responsible for the presence of life on earth, the deity of the sun is also known by the name Surya Shashti. The Chhath Puja is carried out as a kind of expression of thanks to the Sun god. In addition, the Thakurbari temple hosts a number of annual celebrations and festivals. Throughout the months of November, March, June, and February, a unique light and sound show is put on in the evenings. This has proven to be an effective method of drawing in a large number of tourists.

The construction of the Thakurbari temple was making progress, and the higher authorities had also decided to build a library and a multipurpose hall. However, the current situation does not lend itself well to the construction of this temple complex, and the primary reason for this is a lack of financial resources. It is anticipated that approximately 3 crores of rupees will be required to finish the construction of the Thakurbari temple complex.

Thakurbari Temple History Darshan Timings Price Details

Thakurbari is a Hindu temple in Gangtok, Sikkim, and it can be found on MG Marg, approximately 500 kilometers from Gangtok SNT Bus Station. It is one of the oldest Hindu Temples in Sikkim and a major tourist attraction because of its central location in Gangtok.

In 1935, the former Chogyal of Sikkim provided land for the construction of a tiny temple known as the Thakurbari Temple. Between 1945 and 1947, the temple underwent a substantial expansion that transformed it into a temple complex. The temple has become the focal point for Gangtok’s Hindu community and is home to a wide variety of deities. The temple’s multi-use hall and library were added to the complex in 2011.

Every year, the temple hosts a slew of massive celebrations, festivals, and gatherings. Tourists and people from all over the world flock to these celebrations. Travelers come here to worship the Lord and be blessed by him.

How To Reach The Temple?

Take a taxi from MG Marg Market and travel in the direction of Tibet Road to the southeast. From there, proceed by turning left onto Bhanu Path Road, and then turning sharply left onto NH10 (National Highway 10). From MG Marg, the Thakurbari Temple can be reached in a car in ten minutes.

Take a stroll all the way down to this temple to get a sense of the atmosphere of the city of Gangtok. Even though it may take you longer to get there, you will run into a number of friendly people who will point you in the right direction to find this religious center.

Timings Of The Temple

Visitors are welcome at the temple from 6 in the morning until 8 in the evening. The early hours of the morning are the finest time to see this temple because that is when the priests perform their rituals and you can catch a look into the Sikkimese Hindu community at that time.

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