Sabarimala Temple Pooja Timings Online Booking

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The Temple of Sabarimala is known for its extensive traditions and culture. People showing their devotion by paying their respects to Lord Ayyappa. Worship of the Lord among devotees is governed by a stringent set of guidelines, including the requirement that they wear black clothing. This temple observes a significant number of rites and accepts offerings on a regular basis. At addition, various tantric poojas have been performed in this temple on a regular basis.

Sabarimala is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site that may be found in the Pathanamthitta district of the state of Kerala. Within the Periyar Tiger Reserve, there are 18 hills that surround it. The temple is devoted to Ayyappa, the god of expansion and prosperity. The temple is visited by devotees not just from the state of Kerala but also from the neighbouring states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, as well as from all over the globe.

The temple is only available for worship on the days of Makara Sankranti, which falls on January 14, Maha Vishuva Sankranti, which falls on April 14, and the first five days of each Malayalam month. Mandalapooja takes place throughout the months of November and December.

Sabarimala Temple Pooja Timings Online Booking

Sabarimala is an ancient temple. After it was installed, it remained mostly inaccessible for about three centuries. In the 12th century, a prince of Pandalam Dynasty, Manikandan, found the old road to reach Sabarimala. He had numerous supporters with him, including the heirs of the Vavar (a Muslim fighter whom Manikandan fought) family. It is believed that this Prince is an incarnation of Ayyappa. It is said that he meditated at Sabarimala temple and became one with the god.

Due to the fact that automobiles are unable to access the area, the pilgrims of Sabarimala are forced to walk across treacherous terrain in order to visit the temple.

Before entering Sabarimala, the pilgrims are required to abstain from sexual activity for a period of 41 days. They are also asked to rigorously follow a lacto-vegetarian diet, abstain from alcohol, not use any profanity and allow the hair and nails to grow without clipping. They are required to take a bath at least twice a day and make consistent trips to the temples in the area.

Sabarimala Temple Pooja Timings Online Booking

Sabarimala Temple Timings:

Open Timing 3am

Close Timing 1 pm

Re-Opens Timing 3 pm

Close Timing11 pm

Sabarimala Temple Pooja Timings

Pilgrim Season – Mandala-         Makaravilakku Maholtsavam
Pooja Name Timings
Opening of sanctum sanctorum,
3 AM
Ganapati Homam 3:35 AM
Neyyabhishekam 3:35 to 7:30 AM
Usha Pooja 7:35 AM
Neyyabhishekam 8:35 – 11 AM
Using Ghee deposited in ‘Ney thoni’
11:15 AM
Ashtabhishekham (15 nos) 11:05 to 11:35 AM
Ucha Pooja 12 PM
Closing of sanctum sanctorum 1 PM
Opening of sanctum sanctorum 3 PM
Deeparadhana 6:35 PM
Pushpabhishekam 7:05 to 9:35 PM
Athazha Pooja 9:35 PM
Closing of sanctum sanctorum

Sabarimala Routes

First Route: Walk From Erumeli via Peroorthodu, Kottapadi, Kaalaketti, Azhhuthamedu, Kallidaamkunnu, Inchipaarakotta, Karimala, Valiyaanavattam, Cheriyaanavattam, Pamapa, Neelimala ,Appachimedu, Sabareepeedom, and Saramkuthi through the forest to reach Sabarimala

Second Routes:
To get to Sabarimal using the second route, start in Kumily and travel via Changara Estate, Uppupaara, and Paandithavalam.

Third Routes:
This is the regular route that devotees take, also known as the Kumily route. Please take note of this.
The Chalakayam Road through the KSRTC Services is the third route.

Available Transport To Sabarimala:

By Plane: The Kochi International Airport and the Trivandrum International Airport are the airports that are closest to Sabarimala.

By Railways: The Chengannur Railway Station is the closest and most convenient train station, and it is located 93 kilometres away.

By Road: Pamba is the location that is closest to Sabarimala and is just 5 kilometres away from it through road.

Contact And Address:

  • 7025800100
  • EXECUTIVE OFFICER. 04735-202028
  • ASST. EXECUTIVE OFFICER. 04735-202400.

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