Teak Museum History Entry Timing Online Booking Info Process

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The goal is to provide visitors with information on many elements of teak, such as its history, cultivation, application, management, morphology, harvesting, and numerous physical illnesses that teak may suffer from. The Kerala Forest Research Institute Sub Center in Nilambur is home to the museum, which first opened its doors to visitors on May 21, 1995.

It is situated within the campus of the institute. The museum is particularly proud of its collection of over 300 different species of butterflies, moths, and other insects, in addition to showing teak logs of diverse ages and thicknesses. 1995 marked the beginning of operations at the Teak Museum. The significance of teak over the course of history in this area prompted this action to be taken.

Teak Museum History Entry Timing Online Booking Info Process

Nilambur, which is located in what is now the Malappuram district of Kerala, was the location of the first teak tree to be planted in the year 1840 by British individuals. At that time, the teak plantation has grown to include enormous woods that are completely filled with teak trees. The museum has a significant number of logs that are one hundred years old yet are still in pristine shape.

In addition to this, there are also creative depictions of teak trees, such as paintings and photographs. This museum provides a glimpse into the breathtaking world of teak plantations and acts as a window into that world. If you are someone who is interested in the team and wants to gain more knowledge on the wonder tree, the museum is the ideal location for you to visit.

Teak Museum History Entry Timing Online Booking Info Process

  • Even if you are not particularly interested in teak trees, a visit to this museum is sure to pique your curiosity and keep you actively involved in the experience.
  • The wild orchids that are on show at the museum are a primary reason why people come to visit.
  • The museum not only has knowledge of the teak tree, but it also contains a wealth of information about the moths, insects, and butterflies that are present on the teak plantation site.
  • The museum also has a small theatre for multimedia presentations in addition to a library with several books and other types of literature pertaining to teak wood. These books and literature include a wealth of knowledge.
  • The museum is comprised of two distinct floors, with the lower level being devoted entirely to the exhibition of Kannimara teak. It is one of the earliest kinds of teak trees that can be seen growing in their natural environment in India.
  • The Western Ghats are home to around 50 different tree species that grow naturally here, in addition to 136 species that are either on the brink of extinction or critically endangered.
  • A massive stump of a teak tree that is 480 years old and was taken from the Nagarampara Forest Range in the Kottayam division is also on display for guests to see.


At the Following Times: Monday through Friday, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Entry Fee

Per Person Rs 10 /-

Places To Visit Near

  • Back of the Museum and the Fourth Garden is the Nature Park.
  • Boating
  • Adyanpara Waterfalls
  • Valamthode Waterfalls


Via Air: While traveling by plane, the closest airport is Calicut International Airport, which is about 48 kilometers away.

Via Train: If you’re traveling by train, the Nilambur Railway Station is the closest stop and is located 5 kilometers away.

Via Road: If you are traveling by road, the Nilambur Bus Stop is the closest stop and is located 4 kilometers away.

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