Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Time Location Entry Fee Ticket Booking

Know the details about Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Time Location Entry Fee Ticket Booking, Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Time Location Entry Fee Details

The time for each day is from 5:30 AM until 6 PM. There is a charge of INR 20 for each individual and INR 3500 for each jeep safari tour. The months of November through February are considered to be the most pleasant times to visit this refuge. Extreme weather conditions may be expected here throughout the summer, winter, and any other season.

Inside Churu District, the Sujangarh Tehsil is where you’ll find the Tal Chhapar sanctuary. It is around 132 kilometers away from Bikaner and is located on the state route that runs between Nokha and Sujangarh. Churu is approximately 85 kilometers away from the location. Chappar, which is located on the Degana-Churu-Rewari line of North Western Railways, is the most convenient train station in the area.

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Time Location Entry Fee Ticket Booking

The Chhapar hamlet, which can be found at 27 degrees 50 minutes north latitude and 74 degrees 25 minutes east longitude, inspired the sanctuary’s name. In the middle of the Thar Desert is a flat, salty depression that the locals refer to as a “tal.” This area is home to a very particular ecology. Set at an elevation of 302 meters (990 ft) above the ground.

Open grassland with scattered Acacia and Prosopis trees gives the Tal Chhaper Sanctuary the look of a typical savanna. The Tal Chhaper Sanctuary is nearly entirely level, with a few shallow low-lying regions dispersed throughout. In Hindi, the term “tal” may also be translated as “pond” or “talab.” The rainwater travels through the low-lying regions that are shallow and collect in the little ponds that are only used seasonally.

The geology of the area is concealed because of the overburden that was blown in by the wind. On the western side of the sanctuary, there are a few tiny hills and exposed rocks made of slate and quartzite. The watershed region of the sanctuary is made up of the land that is located between the hillocks and the sanctuary itself. The whole sanctuary used to be submerged in water whenever there was a torrential downpour, but now that salt mining is taking place in the watershed, very little of the rain that falls on the hillocks actually makes its way into the sanctuary. Close neighboring villages include Jogalia, Jaitasar, and Bidasar.

Climate Of The Place

The months of October through February make up this region’s winter, whereas the months of March through June make up its summer and monsoon seasons (July to September). The climate is arid with huge temperature swings and the wind blows from the southwest to the northeast throughout the summer months. Winds that are very hot are referred to be “loo,” and this phenomenon occurs between May and June.

The average lowest temperature in December and January is 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), while the average maximum temperature in June may reach up to 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit). The Tal Chhapar Zone is included in the primary dry zone that the nation has. The amount of rain that falls here might be quite unpredictable. The average yearly precipitation here sees a wide range of values from year to year. Around 300 millimeters of rain falls per year on average in this area.

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Time Location Entry Fee And Details

This region, which has a total area of 1,333 square kilometers and is located on the periphery of the Thar desert, was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1966. Before the country’s independence, it was said that this location served as the Bikaner King’s hunting field. This refuge has a landscape that is reminiscent of Savanna grasslands. This protected area is home to a variety of desert animals, including blackbuck, nilgai, charusingha, wild boar, desert fox, and desert cat.

The sanctuary is home to a variety of avian species, including but not limited to the Eastern Imperial Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, sparrow, skylark, crested lark, Ring Dove, and others. It was believed that there are between 1600 and 1700 black bucks roaming freely throughout this reserve. The months of November through April are ideal for a vacation here.

Charges In The Sanctuary

  • The admission cost for adults is Rs. 20.
  • Jeep Safari Rs.3500/ trip

To Reach

  • Via Plane The Jaipur International Airport is the closest airport, and it is located 223 kilometers away.
  • If you are traveling by train, the closest train station is located in Chhapar, which is around 6 kilometers away.
    This train station is on the route that travels between Degana and Churu and Rewari.
  • Via Road
    The bus station that is located the closest to you is Churu, which is located 85 kilometers away.
    Along the state highway that runs between Sujangarh and Noka is where you will find this oasis.

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