Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam History Timings Pooja Details

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Sarangapani Temple, an ancient temple devoted to Lord Vishnu, is situated in the South-Indian state of Tamil Nadu, near the city of Kumbakonam. The lovely temple is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River and is visited by Lord Vishnu worshippers from throughout the globe. In addition to being a holy site of worship, the temple is also a piece of art, with many layers of elaborately carved and brightly colored mythical sculptures and pictures.

The temple’s magnificence is astounding. It boasts the city’s highest skyscraper. When one walks the Sarangapani Temple, one cannot help but sense a particular vibe, as hundreds of devotees transfer energy via their prayers, creating a dreamlike experience. Sarangapani is a manifestation of the god Vishnu. The temple is regarded as one of India’s 108 sacred temples devoted to Lord Vishnu.

It is also considered one of the five holy temples devoted to Ranganatha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Locals are familiar with Pancharanga Kshetram on the banks of the holy Kaveri River. Many think that bathing in the sacred waters of the River Kaveri and praying to Lord Vishnu can cleanse them of their sins. According to some, there are several paths to achieving the same objective of peace, tranquility, and pleasure. Visiting Sarangapani Temple is one of these activities. This year, you should add this temple to your list of places to visit.

Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam History Timings Pooja Details

The temple is enclosed by a massive granite wall, and the compound comprises all of its shrines and water basins. The raja gopuram (the principal doorway) is 11-tiered and 173 feet tall (53 m). The temple is thought to be of great antiquity, with donations from the Cholas, the Vijayanagar Empire, and the Madurai Nayaks at various eras. The Potramarai tank, the temple tank, is situated opposite the temple’s western entrance. It is said that Sarangapani appeared for the sage Hemarishi.

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The raja gopuram is adorned with depictions of numerous religious tales. The temple has five smaller gopurams. Inside the sanctuary are other pictures of the sage Hemarishi, Lakshmi, and festival images. There are two gates to the sanctuary, Utharayana Vaasal and Dhakshanayana Vaasal, each of which is accessible for six months. The temple is enclosed by a massive wall, and the complex contains all of the temple’s water features with the exception of the Potramarai tank.

The central shrine of the temple is in the shape of a chariot drawn by horses and elephants, with openings on both sides, depicting Sarangapani’s descent from heaven in the chariot. In the western section of the temple is a sculpture depicting the sage Hemarishi. The central shrine of the temple contains an image of Sarangapani with his head resting on his right hand in pallikonda posture

. The Potramarai tank is located outside the temple’s western entrance, which faces east. Hemarishi Mandapam is the central hall of the Potramarai tank. Sarangapani is the largest Vishnu temple in Kumbakonam, and its temple tower is the city’s tallest. Utharayanya Vaasal is open from 15 January to 15 July, while Dhakshanaya Vaasal is open for the remaining half of the year. The raja gopuram is 11-tiered and 173 feet tall (53 m).

Sarangapani Temple Timings:

  • Mor: 6.00 am to 12.00 pm
  • Eve: 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam Pooja Timings :

  • Tiruvanandal      8 am
  • Kalai Sandhi        9 am
  • Ucchikalam         12 Noon
  • Ntiyanusandhanam        6 pm
  • 2 Worship      7  pm
  • Ardha Jamam    9 pm

Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam History Timings Pooja Details

Sarangapani Temple Festivals:   

  • Akshaya Tritiyai – Garuda Seva Chaitra Brahma Utsavam    –  Apr – May
  • Vasantotsavam – May- June
  • Pavitrotsavam – Ekadasi Jyeshotsavam  – Jul – Aug
  • Sri Jayanthi – Uriyadi Utsavam  –  Aug – Sep
  • Navaratri Utsavam – Saraswathi Puja – Vijayadasami   –   Sep– Oct
  • Deepavali – Shraddha of Sri Lakshmi Narayanaswami    –  Oct– Nov
  • Deepa Utsavam – Unjal Utsavam    –   Nov– Dec
  • Pakal Pattu – Ira Pattu Pongal Sankaramana Utsavam   – Dec – Jan
  • Kanu Utsavam – Amavasya – Ratasaptami     –   Jan – Feb
  • Masi Magaham – Float Festival  – Feb – Mar
  • Brahmmotsavam – Tirukkalyanotsavam    –    Mar– Apr

Available Transport Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam:

By Air: The closest airport is Tiruchirapalli Airport, which is 99.6 kilometers away.

By Rail: 2.2 kilometers to Kumbakonam Train Station.

By Road: Kumbakonam Bus Stand – 2 km

Sarangapani Temple Address:

Sarangapani Temple,Kumbakonam,


Tamil Nadu 612001

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