Rameshwaram Temple Rules Procedure Darshan Timings Aarti

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The Ramanathaswamy Temple is the city of Rameshwaram’s most famous historical site. This is a well-known Shiva temple in the Hindu religion. This is one of the 12 temples known as Jyotirlingas, where a form of Shiva known as a Jyotirlinga (literally “pillar of light”) is worshipped.

Three of the most respected Nayanar saints (Saivite gurus from the 7th century)—Appar, Sundarar, and Tirugnana Sambandar—sang songs praising this temple, making it one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalam temples. The Pandya Dynasty, who ruled India in the 12th century, constructed the temple as we see it now. Compared to other Hindu temples in India, this one has the longest corridor.

Rameshwaram Temple Rules Procedure Darshan Timings Aarti

Shri Ram’s (humbled and respectfully referred to as “Ram”) holy temple in India is a heaven on earth for Hindus. For a Hindu, the holy sites of Varanasi and Rameswaram, described in great detail in the epic ‘Ramayana,’ represent the last destination on his path to enlightenment. During a 14-year banishment, the god Ram is said to have returned to this area, at least according to legend.

After defeating the demon Ravana, the narrative goes that Shri Ram was escorted back to India by his brother Lakshman, Hanuman, and a troop of thousands of monkeys. To get to Lanka from what is now known as the “Sethu canal,” they used boulders gathered from the ocean and shoreline to construct a makeshift bridge.

There is a strong conviction that swimming in the 22 ‘Theerthams,’ or natural springs, is a step ahead in the enlightenment because of the widespread idea that Lord Rama sanctified this location by worshipping and honouring Lord Shiva, marking the merger of Shaivism and Vaishnavism. As this is the case, it is only fitting that Rameswaram is included as one of the National Pilgrim Centres.

Every visitor will like the Ramanathaswamy temple simply for what it is. The temple has a towering ‘Gopuram’ (tower) that is 38 metres in height and is embellished with a majestic and intimidating construction, vast hallways, and elegantly carved pillars.

Rameshwaram Temple Rules Procedure Darshan Timings Aarti

Legend has it that Rama worshipped Lord Shiva in the shape of a Shiva Lingam built of soil by Sita while returning to Ayodhya. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman was entrusted with the job of delivering a picture of Viswanath from Banaras.

It is stated that Lord Rama gave homage at a pre-chosen opportune period to a Shivalingam that Sita had fashioned out of the earth. This was done since Lord Rama anticipated that Hanuman’s return from Banaras would be delayed. The lingam in question is known as the Ramalingam, and the location in question is referred to as Rameswaram.

Rameshwaram Temple Darshan Process And Timings

  • Agni Theertham is where pilgrims go to wash away their sins.
  • The next step is a trip to one of 22 wells that will cost you Rs.25.
  • The cost of a brief guide-led bath is 100 Indian Rupees (about $1.50).
  • After getting out of the shower, it’s necessary to change into dry clothing.
  • There is a strict policy against entering the temple while wearing damp clothing.
  • The time allotted for darshan normally ranges from forty-five to sixty minutes.
  • Information about Darshan Schedules and Ticket Prices The hours of sale for Darshan Tickets are from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Rs.250
  • Spatika Linga Darshan 5:10 am Rs.50
    22 Wells Bath 6:00 am – 7:00 pm Rs.25
  • 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

The Rules And Regulations Of The Rameshwaram Temple

  • Dressing appropriately is required of you in order to participate in Darshan.
  • There is no fee associated with the purchase of a Standard Darshan Ticket.
  • On Amavasya, A day before Amavasya, Full moon day, Mahalaya Amavasya, and Paksha Masam, there will be a significant number of people.

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