Ponmudi Hill Station Kerala History View Points Details

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The region of Ponmudi is characterized by its entrancing hills, natural springs, and rivers. The Aagasthyarkoodam, which is the tallest mountain, is the reason for the area’s notoriety. It is a haven for avian life, and visitors may get a glimpse of many rare and endangered species. It has a climate that is calming and offers a wonderful sensation, and in the summer it has a stunning appearance.

Ponmudi is home to a number of important religious sites, including the Karuppaswamy Temple and the Sree Krishna Temple. Ponmudi is characterized by its various hills, each of which offers a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape. From the highest points of these hills, visitors may enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding tea and spice plantations, as well as the lovely hamlet below.

Ponmudi Hill Station Kerala History View Points Details

  • Residents of Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital, will tell you that travelling to Ponmudi on the weekend for a scenic drive is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in the city.
  • It is not uncommon for people to take their whole families or groups of friends on lengthy trips up the twisting trails to take in a vista that they claim is unmatched by any other in the state.
  • One cannot help but be filled with a sense of awe and wonder when seeing the hills covered in mist.
  • Mountain flowers, wild orchids, and exotic butterflies are just some of the uncommon species of flora and animals that may be seen in this area.
  • The temperature is consistent throughout the year, and the three-hour trip from the city is well worth it once one is able to take in the breathtaking panorama of the valley.
  • On the route there, one has the option of making a pit break at the gorgeous Kallar River, which runs parallel to the road in the other direction, and then continuing on to the picture-perfect Meenmutty Waterfalls, which are just a short distance away.
  • There had been a significant increase in the number of resorts and cottages built in the region. Another fantastic location to see is the lookout tower in the tree house.
  • Indeed, Ponmudi is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists. A hill that is so close to the city, but it is tucked away in such a convenient location near the sea.
  • Ponmudi has stunning hiking routes that lead to many additional natural treasures that are hidden from the view of tourists and other visitors.
  • You may travel along the enticing paths all day long with an increased sense of anticipation.
  • The most well-known hiking path in Ponmudi, which leads up to Varayadumotta, provides visitors with a breathtaking vista of the surrounding landscape, including the Nilgiri Tahrs.
  • It is an 18-kilometer hike that is regarded as one of the most difficult in the Trivandrum area (one side).
  • To take advantage of this deal, you will need to make a reservation in advance. The hikers will have two guides with them at all times.

Other Beautiful Attractions and Hidden Spots Of Kerala

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Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is located in Kerala’s backwaters, which are famous all over the globe. The backwaters of Kerala are comprised of a system of brackish canals, rivers, and lakes that run across the southern part of the state. One may take a trip through the backwaters while experiencing the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of the “Kettuvallams,” also known as houseboats.

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Kochi is both the economic and cultural hub of the state of Kerala. It is a center of activity for tourists, and people come from all over the globe to experience it. In Kochi, there is a wide variety of eye-catching sights to take in, ranging from Chinese fishing nets to the production of rare spices. This city is a melting pot of many civilizations that strive to maintain their identities up to this day. Every nook and cranny of Kochi conceals an unexpected discovery that is just waiting to be made.

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It is widely acknowledged that Munnar is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in all of Kerala. As a result of its location on the Western Ghats, the town of Munnar, which produces a significant amount of tea, ranks among the highest in the Indian subcontinent. Your mind and spirit will feel refreshed after taking in the scene of rolling hills in Munnar that are almost touching the skies.

Ponmudi Hill Station Kerala History View Points Details

The Indian state of Kerala is located on the Malabar coast of the country. The Malayalam-speaking areas of what were once the territories of Cochin, Malabar, South Canara, and Travancore were combined to establish the state on November 1st, 1956, after the enactment of the state Reorganization Act. This resulted in the formation of the state. In terms of land mass, Kerala is the 21st biggest state in all of India. Its other two neighbors are Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, which are separated by the Lakshadweep Sea.

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