Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls History Location Safety Guidelines

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The majestic Perunthenaruvi waterfall in Kerala is located on the bank of the Pamba River, and it is surrounded by the Western Ghats, which provide a gorgeous background. This breathtaking location was given its name by combining two Malayalam words: “Perunthu,” which means “large honey,” and “aruvi,” which refers to a waterfall.

The monsoon season is when the Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls, which have a dramatic drop from a tremendous height, are at their most breathtaking. A place that is directly on the boundary of Kudamurutti and Vechoochira is where this one-of-a-kind tourist attraction can be found, which is another noteworthy aspect of it.

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls History Location Safety Guidelines

With its enigmatic woods, dreamlike streams, breathtaking waterfalls, and vast natural areas, Perunthenaruvi is a gem that has not yet been fully uncovered. Perunthenaruvi, located in the Sabarimala forest region of the Pathanamthitta district, is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in South India due to its breathtaking waterfalls and glistening stream, both of which eventually flow into the sacred Pamba River. Perunthenaruvi is also one of the most important pilgrim centers in South India.

Spending time in the untouched environment provided by nature is analogous to taking a spiritual bath, and it is the ideal setting for spending some peaceful time with a friend or loved one. It is possible to get it from Perunthenaruvi. It is located in the womb of the towering Western Ghats, adorns itself with breathtaking waterfalls and a mystical, lush forest that envelops her in its tranquil arms. She is known as the Valley of the Waterfalls. The first side of the waterfall is called Kudamurutty, while the second side is called Vechoochira.

Perunthenaruvi is the ideal location for revitalizing your worn-down mind and soul in every possible manner. The hike comes to a conclusion at a breathtaking waterfall that has a calming swimming hole that just screams to dive into. The water pushes its way through the hard earth till it finally reaches the ancient Pamba. As a result of the river Pamba’s close vicinity to Sabarimala, which is considered to be the holiest shrine in all of Kerala, it is supposed to be bestowed with divine power.

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls History Location Safety Guidelines

In this area, the villagers think that the straight line of rocks exposed by a horse’s footprint is the imprint of the chariot wheel upon which the god Sreeram and his wife Sita rode. A common cause of fatality for tourists is falling down the path’s deep rocks. The rocks in the area’s beds contribute much to Perunthenaruvi’s beauty. The rocky outcrops dotting the area are perfect for rock climbing and descending. Dangers do exist in any situation, it’s true. Several unfortunate lives have been lost here as a result of accidents.

According to the proponents of this measure, these are the reasons why it is necessary. Most people in the community looked up to Chakkan Velan, an Adivasi who happened to be the biggest and most influential person in town. The community has been thrown into chaos by his habit of inappropriately touching females. The local poor were terrified of him since he was a heavy drinker, which was bad enough. The townspeople had had enough of his shenanigans, and they plotted to eliminate him.

The mild climate and refreshing breeze make the months of March through August the best time to visit. The waterfall’s width is impressive, and the little streams that flow out of crevices in the rocks only add to the scene’s overall allure. Since nature is so stunning, a lot of photographers and outdoor lovers come here. If you’re in the vicinity, you really must see a waterfall.

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Ways To Reach:

  1. The closest train station is at Thiruvalla, which is around 44 kilometers away.
  2. The closest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, which is about 138 kilometers away.

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