Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Timings Online Bookings Info

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It is possible to find the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, which is often referred to as the Tiger Reserve, in the area of Palakkad in the state of Kerala in the country of India. This section of the nation is considered to be a part of the Kerala region.

1973 was the year when construction initially began on this highly significant wildlife preserve in the United States. The total length and width of the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary amount to 391 kilometers when both are taken into account together.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Timings Online Bookings Info

  • The Kadar, the Muduvar, and the Malasar are just a few of the tribes who have decided to make the refuge their permanent home. The sanctuary is home to a diverse collection of animal species, some of which include birds, butterflies, amphibians, and reptiles.
  • The allure of the creatures that have made the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary their home is an additional feather in the cap of the sanctuary’s already magnificent beauty. The beauty of nature, in addition to the attractiveness of the animals that call the sanctuary home, contributes significantly to the sanctuary’s overall wealth.
  • Hiking and bamboo rafting are two examples of activities that are pretty exciting and exhilarating, and they can possibly operate as the key points of attraction for visitors. The absence of pollution, the crisp air, and the soothing sounds of nature provided by the natural flora and fauna are all wonderful qualities to have.
  • The Western Ghats is recognized as one of the world’s 34 hotspots for biodiversity. Throughout the whole of the Western Ghats, the region known as Parambikulam stands out as the most captivating destination because of the abundance and diversity of its natural wonders.
  • You will have mental ease as a result of the surrounding tranquility and peacefulness of the location.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Timings Online Bookings Info

  • Because of the unspoiled beauty of this location, it is referred to as “Nature’s Own Abode,” and it is located in a valley that is sandwiched between the Anamalai Mountains in Tamilnadu and the Nelliyampathy Ranges in Kerala. The territory known as Parambikulam has a total size of 285 square kilometers.
  • The Parambikulam Aliyar project includes the construction of three different dams.
  • The reservoir is well-known for its many different species of aquatic animals, one of which is the Mugger Crocodile. The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is located 89 kilometers away from the Palakkad district, just south of the Palakkad Gap.
  • It has a hilly landscape with an elevation that ranges from 300 meters to 1438 meters above sea level.
  • Seven valleys in the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary are considered important, and there are three main river systems.
  • Prominent peaks in the sanctuary include Karimala, Pandaravadai, Vengoli, and Puliyarapadam. The sanctuary, which is located between the Nelliyampathy hills and the Anamalai hills, makes it possible to see many species. The natural beauty of the surrounding area is another one of this location’s many advantages.

Attractive Places Near Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Dam View
  • Valley Points
  • Lake View Point
  • Tribal Heritage Center
  • Parambikulam Dam
  • Kannimar Teak (The Largest Teak in the World )

Entry Fee

Indian Rs 25 /-
Foreigner Rs 300 /-
Light Vehicles Rs 50 /-
Heavy Vehicles Rs 150 /-


Via Air: It is around 110 kilometers from where you are to the Coimbatore International Airport, which is the airport that is located the closest to where you are.

Via Train: The Pollachi Railway Station, which is the closest station and can be reached by train, is 54 kilometers away and is the closest station. It is also the station that is considered to be the closest.

Via Road: The point of entrance by road that is the closest and most accessible to you is the Pollachi Bus Stop, which is located 55 kilometers away.

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