Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Fee Safety Measures

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Several of the trees in this sanctuary are over 30 meters in height, making them a prominent feature of the landscape. Moist deciduous, semi-evergreen, and evergreen trees all thrive in the forest’s conditions. The refuge has a treetop lookout tower that is 25 meters above a drinking hole used by the animals.

Around dawn and dusk, when wildlife activity is at its peak, the lookout tower is the greatest place to be. The sanctuary features eight different nature paths ranging in length from 500 meters to 5 kilometers. Velip and Kunbil are only two of the many indigenous communities who call the refuge home. The villages welcome visitors who are interested in learning more about their way of life and culture.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Fee Safety Measures

Permission to camp overnight must be obtained from the Deputy Conservator of Forests (office in Margao), and those who do so will discover that the Forest Department offers both canvas tents and snake-proof campsites, as well as cots and mosquito nets for the more daring campers. Extent: 86 square kilometers, Gazelles, chitals, pangolins, sloth bears, porcupines, panthers, hyenas, monkeys, wild boars, and bison were all spotted.

The time of year to visit is between fall and spring. Camping areas that are snake-free, as well as canvas tents and literature, are all made available by this division. The department also offers cots with mosquito netting for those who are feeling adventurous. But, the jungle’s heat and humidity are not always bearable. On the outskirts of the sanctuary lies the Forest Department’s eco-tourism complex, which has four cottages.

The Velip and the Kunbil are two of Goa’s oldest tribes, and they have made their homes here. People interested in the human experience and other cultures might expand their understanding by meeting and gaining insight from these folks. Being in such a protected area fills us with gratitude and admiration for the many ways in which Mother Nature provides for her many creatures. When you visit, you can expect a day of calm and relaxation, combined with opportunities for exercise and brain stimulation.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Fee Safety Measures

  • There are also semi-evergreen and evergreen swaths among the moist-deciduous flora that predominates there. This sanctuary in Canacona Taluka was created in 1969 to save a stretch of uninhabited woodland along the Goa–Karnataka boundary.
  • Others say the wildlife refuge status is due to the flora, flowing streams, and scenic topography. The only way to see any is if Lady Luck is on your side, though.
  • The Forest Service has a Nature Interpretation Centre that’s great for visitors who want to learn more about nature.
  • A 25-meter-tall treehouse tower provides a vantage point over a watering hole frequented by wildlife at daybreak and sunset.
  • You can visit the sanctuary any day of the week between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:30 pm. Everyone pays Rs.5 to get in, and cameras cost an extra Rs.25.
  •  The majority of Goa’s Cotigao Sanctuary is covered by a thick forest, therefore the jungle floor receives almost little sunlight.
  • Vegetation is large of the deciduous, semi-evergreen, and evergreen varieties, with some wetlands. The sanctuary’s varied deciduous woodlands within a radius of 86 km are awe-inspiring to tree enthusiasts, but animal sightings are quite seldom.
  • Before the extinction of these species, it served as a habitat for tigers and leopards. Very uncommon sightings of gazelles, sloth bears, and panthers have been reported in the jungle.
  • Otherwise, in addition to reptiles, one is likely to encounter at least two distinct monkey species.

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