Padinjarekkara Beach Timings History Entry Fee Information

know More Details About Padinjarekkara Beach Timings History Entry Fee Information, Padinjarekkara Beach Timings History Entry Fee Information.

Padinjarekkara Beach in Malappuram district overlooks Bharathapuzha, Tirur Puzha, and the Arabian Sea 17 miles from Tirur town.Sunsets on the beach are great. The setting light draws people from all walks of life to the seashore. The casuarina trees and breeze enhance the experience.

The Arabian Sea, the Bharathapuzha River, and the Tirur Puzha River all meet at the same point, which may be seen from Padinjarekkara Beach. The inhabitants of the Malappuram district, on the other hand, believe that the region’s atmosphere and the sheer abundance of different boating alternatives are the primary reasons for the district’s capacity to attract such large audiences.

Padinjarekkara Beach Timings History Entry Fee Information

The Bharathapuzha, Tirur Puzha, and Arabian Sea meet at Padinjarekkara Beach. Yet Malappuram natives say its vibe and abundance of boating possibilities draw enormous numbers.Choose water scooters, speed boats, or calm cruises and float out into the immaculate aquatic behemoths that promise to surround you. Another local mystery is its many migratory birds. This unusual facility has an amphitheatre, eco-shops, and an amenities centre 17 miles from Tirur town and 45 km from Malappuram headquarters.

Padinjarekkara Beach offers paramotoring on Saturdays and Sundays. A 10-minute DTPC flight costs Rs. 3,000

Padinjarekkara Beach Timings History Entry Fee Information

Kerala is known for its calming breezes provided by coconut and palm trees, its stunning backwaters, its lovely beaches, and the abundance of sights to see. The state of Kerala is well-known for its stunning scenery, most notably for its beaches.

The beach sand in Kerala is like silk, and the climate is perfect for lounging on the beach all year round. One of the most well-known beaches in Kerala is called Padinjarekara, and it’s easy to see why. Another popular activity at this beach is bird watching. Because of its breathtaking tranquilly, this beach is also sometimes referred to as Virgin Territory. The seafood is excellent, as is the view of both the sunrise and the sunset.

Beaches, in general, are quite pretty places, but Padinjarekkara beach in particular is renowned for its attractiveness, and the fact that it also offers bird viewing makes it stand out even more. The pleasures of this beach are open to visitors, who may indulge in the cuisine of the area, play in the surf, refresh themselves in the ocean, bask in the rays of the sun, and create unforgettable memories of their vacation.

Padinjarekkara Beach Timings History Entry Fee Information

  • Entrance Times for Padinjarekkara Beach: Before Dawn and After Sunset Activities:
  • Padinjarekkara Beach Attractions: Palm Trees White Sand Bird Viewing Natural harbour Lagoon’s Speed Boats – Charges Applicable Water Scooters – Charges Relevant
    Calicut International Airport is the closest airport to the city and is about 50 kilometres away.
  • Kuttipuram Railway Station is the closest train station and is located 24 kilometres away.
  • Kuttipuram Bus Stop is the closest stop via road, and it is located 23 kilometres away.

The sunset is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sights that can be seen at the beach. In order to catch a glimpse of the brilliant sun as it sinks beyond the horizon, people from all walks of life flock to the coasts.

The presence of casuarina trees and a breezy environment lend an air of sophistication to the activity as a whole. The beach is separated from the river by a long line of casuarina trees, creating a perfect environment in which to take a stroll or relax in the shade of the trees.

The activity of going on a boat ride through the water is highly recommended here. Water scooters, speed boats, or lazy cruises – choose whichever appeals to your sense of adventure, and then simply float out into the pristine aquatic behemoths to investigate the places that have not been explored.

The Ponnani Harbour is located on the opposite side of the beach, and there are ferry services that connect the two locations.

New tourist destinations in the area include locations like Kootayi Beach, Ponnani Beach, Moonangadi Beach, and Biyyam Kayal Park, all of which can be found in close proximity to one another.

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