Dwarkadish Temple Gujarat History Timings Location Details

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It is said that Lord Krishna’s great-grandson Vajranabh built the Dwarkadhish Temple (Jagat Mandir) around 2500 years ago. Multiple renovations over the years, particularly in the 16th and 19th centuries, have left their mark on the old temple. The temple is on a tiny hill, up which visitors must climb fifty or more steps to reach the sanctuary, where the primary Krishna deity is housed in a cocoon of elaborately sculptured walls.

Mythical figures and stories are etched delicately onto the walls. The majestic 52-yard flag flutters in the air of the Arabian Sea, atop the 43-meter-high tower of the temple. You may enter and leave the temple by one of its two doorways (swarg and moksha). Cross the Gomti stream and go to the beach through the Sudama Setu bridge, located at the foot of the temple (open 07:00 am-01:00 pm and 04:00-07:30 pm).

Dwarkadish Temple Gujarat History Timings Location Details

Devboomi Dwarka, located on the westernmost point of the Kathiawar Peninsula, is considered one of India’s holiest locations along with Badrinath, Puri, and Rameshwaram (together referred to as the “Char Dhams”). Legend has said that Lord Krishna founded this city after traveling here from Braj, Uttar Pradesh. His grandson founded the temple. Located at the point where the Gomti River meets the Arabian Sea, it makes for a picturesque background to the sacred place.

The city of Dwarka has supposedly been lost to the sea six times, making this the seventh incarnation of the town. The story behind the temple is interesting in its own right. Mahmud Begada tore down the first building in 1472, and construction on the current structure didn’t begin until the 15th or 16th century. Even the great 8th-century Hindu scholar and theologian Adi Shankaracharya praised it.

Religious Significance

  • Janmashtami, which is celebrated in a big way in this city, is the ideal time to come, but November through February is also a good time to see it.
  • The temple’s flag, flown at the peak, depicts the sun and moon.
  • It’s a sign that as long as the sun and moon exist, so will Lord Krishna stay among his followers.
  • Despite five different flag designs, the flag’s central emblem has remained the same.
  • The temple has two doors, but only one is used; it is the Moksha Dwara (north) door (Door to Salvation).
  • Through this doorway, you may access the main marketplace.
  • Swarga Dwara is the name of the south gate (Gate of Heaven).
  • There are 56 stairs outside this entrance that descend to the Gomati River.
  • Temple Timings: Morning 07:00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and Evening 05:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Contact Information: 02892 234080.

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Dwarkadish Temple Gujarat History Timings Location Details

The Lord Dwarkadhish Idol:

Its Mythic History Badana, a devout follower of Lord Dwarkadhish, traveled from Dakor daily to worship at the temple. Lord Dwarkadhish, pleased by her devotion, accompanied her to Dakor. The shrine priest, infuriated by Badana, gave pursuit to reclaim the idol. But Badana, in return for riches, managed to persuade the Idol’s priests to agree.

A miracle was performed by Lord Dwarkadhish, and unexpectedly, the Idol weighted little more than a nose ring, as Badana had just that to provide. In addition, the Lord assured the priests that they would locate an exact duplicate of the idol. An idol that hasn’t fully developed yet is worshipped in Dwarka.

The Story Behind the Rukmini Temple’s Mythic Origins:

Dwarka was supposedly constructed by Krishna on land that had previously been submerged. The great sage Durvasa once paid a visit to Krishna and his wife Rukmini, and while there, he expressed a strong desire to see their mansion.

Rukmini became thirsty and fatigued on the road, so she requested for a drink. The mythical hole Krishna dug to bring the Ganges to where they were standing. Sage Durvasa was infuriated by this and cursed Rukmini to be rooted to the spot. This area is now sacred as a shrine in the temple.

Ideal Time to Visit the Dwarkadhish Temple

  • The Gujarati city of Dwarkadhish is home to a holy temple that sits on the banks of the Gomti River.
  • It was constructed about 2500 years ago and is the year-round top tourist attraction.
  • The best time to visit is from October to March when temperatures are mild.
  • As the Janmashtami events take place at the temple, the best time to go is around August.

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