National Park Murlen Entry Cost Overview Timings History

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The Champhai district of the Indian state of Mizoram is home to the Murlen National Park. There are 200 kilometers of parkland there (77 sq mi). Located near the Chin Hills, the park is roughly 245 kilometers east of Aizawl. Located in the same district, it is to the north of Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary. Approximately 100 km2 is covered by it.

There is a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife in the tropical, semi-evergreen, and submontane Murlen Forests. There are currently 35 species of medicinal plants, 2 species of bamboo, 4 species of orchids, and 15 species of animals in this park. There are also 150 species of birds. The conservation efforts of Murlen National Park in 2012 involved 36 persons.

National Park Murlen Entry Cost Overview Timings History

  • Hours of Operation 9 am to 5:30 pm
  • The closest train station is Silchar (185 km)
  • The airport closest to Shillong (245 km) is about 200 km2
  • Established1991
  • Optimal Season: October through March

This park is near the Indo-Myanmar border and is located around 245 kilometers east of Aizawl. It is home to many species of birds and orchids, as well as Tigers, Chamber Deer, Himalayan Bears, Barking Deer, and Serow.

Because of its proximity to the Chin Hills, it is notable. It extends over around 200 square kilometers. This park contains substantial areas of relatively untouched Sub-Tropical evergreen woods.

National Park Murlen Entry Cost Overview Timings History

The location of Murlen National Park is in Murlen Village, which is also the home of Hnahlan Chief Saithuama Sailo. It belongs to the village of Hnahlan. In 1991, Murlen National Park became official.

The national park is close to the Chin Hills and is surrounded by six caves as well as having various rivulets running through it. The entire park is covered in dense woodland and vegetation, and some areas, so it is said, are difficult to see even the sun’s rays. A number of uncommon and endangered flora and animals can be found there because of the area’s clean, untamed environment.

About The National Park Murlen

There are many different animals that may be found in this area, including the tiger, leopard, sambar, barking deer, Malayan giant squirrel, Himalayan black bear, serow, hoolock gibbon, rhesus macaque.

In Murlen National Park, instances of poaching and hunting have been documented. To stop it, the state government has made numerous steps.

On a sunny day, the woodland only receives around 1% of the sun’s rays. Hence, the park’s forest is typically compared to the forest found in South America’s Amazon region in terms of thickness. There are trees in the park that are more than 350 years old.

There is a spot in the park where not even a single ray of sunlight can enter. For this reason, the region is often referred to as the “losing territory of seven fellow men” or the “land of no return.” The vegetation includes Quercus, Schima wallichii, Betula, Michelia champaca, Pinus kesiya, Prunus, Myrica, Rhododendron, Chimonobambusa callosa, canes, as well as a number of different orchids and lichens.

Murlen National Park has seen the discovery of two Ceropegia species, which are members of the Asclepiadaceae plant family. The names of these two plant species, Ceropegia mizoramensis, and Ceropegia murlensis, are taken from the state of Mizoram and the town of Park.

Some of the park’s trees are reputed to be 350 years old. The Dampa nature sanctuary is nearby. There are many different types of mammals, birds, medicinal plants, and other natural beauty in this park. Every visitor to the state of Mizoram should make time to visit Murlen National Park.

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