Prag Mahal Palace Bhuj History Timing Entry Fee Cost Details

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Beautiful Prag Mahal can be found just next to Aina Mahal. It was designed by the eminent architect Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins and constructed in the 1860s in the Italian Gothic style. The construction of the palace, which Maharaja Pragmalji II commissioned, was carried out by a combination of Indian craftsmen and laborers from other countries.

The whole palace is constructed out of Italian marble and sandstone. The Prag Mahal’s most impressive features are its magnificent durbar hall and its assortment of historically significant sculptures and chandeliers. This superb house has its own clock tower, which, when climbed to the top, reveals a breathtaking panorama of Bhuj. The Prag Mahal is home to India’s second-highest clock tower after the Qutub Minar.

Prag Mahal Palace Bhuj History Timing Entry Fee Cost Details

A section of the palace has been turned into a museum, and it displays various relics as well as the personal collections of members of the royal family. The earthquake in 2010 caused significant damage to a section of the Prag Mahal, which has been closed off and restored since then. By having a portion of the Bollywood movie “Lagaan” filmed there, the palace gained enormous popularity. The Prag Mahal may be found in close proximity to the Aina Mahal.

The Italian architect Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins was in charge of the palace’s design, which was commissioned by Rao Pragmalji II. Rao Pragmalji II was the one who actually built the castle. The exquisite palace was meticulously built over the course of precisely twelve years. In 1865, Pragmalji II gave the order to begin construction of Prag Mahal in a full Gothic style, but he did not survive to see the completed structure. The untimely death of Pragmalji II occurred in the year 1875. When it was built, the palace had a staggering cost of construction of 3.1 million rupees, which was an incredible amount of money for the time period.

The well-known Prag Mahal in Bhuj was there for two separate disasters that time brought about. The first disaster occurred in 2001 when the Indian state of Gujarat was struck by an earthquake, which caused the Prag Palace to lose its ability to maintain its structural integrity. The palace was ransacked, and the intruders made off with beautiful sculptures and costly antiquities. Since that time, the forward-thinking government of Gujarat has revitalized the location, made it safer, and designated it as a historic site. It is interesting to note that restoration efforts were initiated after Amitabh Bachchan took a personal interest in the property.

Prag Mahal Palace Bhuj History Timing Entry Fee Cost Details

Morning:  from 9:30 until 12:15.

Evening: 3:00 to 5:45 PM

  • The Prag Mahal is open every day of the week with the exception of Saturday, and its hours of operation are as follows: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
  • The cost of admission for an adult is Rs 10/-, and the price for taking pictures is Rs 30/-.
  • The fee for carrying a video camera inside the grounds is Rs 100/-

Entry Fee Details

Entry fee Rs 20/- per adult
Child fee Rs10/-
School group children Rs 5/-
College Group Rs10/-
Mobile Camera Rs 20/-
Camera fee Rs 50/-
Video Camera Rs 200/-
Parking fee Rs 20 /-


  • By road: There is a choice between the sleeper and non-sleeper state-transport buses.
  • By Train: There are two express trains that run daily: Terminal Ferroviaria de Bhuj:
    1. Bhuj Express
    2. Kutch Express
  • By Airport: Bhuj is connected to Mumbai by at least one aircraft each day, and maybe more.

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