Marmala waterfall Kerala History Timings Attractions Details

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See the Marmala waterfalls and take in the atmosphere by traveling through the verdant plains that surround them. You’ll feel like you’ve landed on another planet when you experience the breathtakingly pure water, breathtaking scenery, and relaxing waterfall sounds. Water gushes through the rocks and collects in picturesque streams; the sun’s rays reflect off the water’s surface and make it sparkle like a diamond.

See the finest of Kerala and all it has to offer by visiting Marmala waterfall, one of the state’s many tourist attractions. Located in Erattupetta in Kottayam, Kerala, this natural 12-meter-deep water pool is like the state’s hidden gem. Its beauty is curved and flows far very long falling down, creating a natural pool. The Teekoy River receives water from this cascading waterfall. Be blessed by Kerala’s Marmala waterfall. To reach the Marmla Waterfalls from Kottayam, you’ll travel around 51.2 kilometers.

Marmala waterfall Kerala History Timings Attractions Details

The Marmala Waterfalls, often known as the “enchantress of the forest,” are located on a private rubber estate at a short distance from Kottayam’s Erattupetta. Pure, transparent waters plummet from a height of 200 feet, creating a haze around them as they fall.

The waterfalls plunge into a pond 12 feet deep before continuing their journey to the river Teekoy below. Clear flowing waterfalls provide a scene unlike any other, while the mountains covered in the forest provide for a picturesque backdrop. Hiking up the slope is the only way to access the spot, which is partially hidden by the surrounding heavy vegetation and blue hills.

Marmala waterfall Kerala History Timings Attractions Details

The waterfalls are a wonderful spot to escape the noise and turmoil of the city and spend some quiet time alone in order to recharge your batteries. The area is blessed with rich biodiversity, an emerald forest cover, and an overall ideal setting

. And there are plenty of possibilities for photography buffs to record those ideal moments in their cameras and in their memories, thanks to the mesmerizing natural surroundings. Walking trails may be found around the waterfalls. The route is bumpy and slick, making it difficult to go through rugged terrain. Only experienced hikers or mountain climbers should attempt this.

When To Go To The Marmala Waterfalls For The Best Experience

Although you might be enchanted by the location at any time of the year, the beginning of the monsoon season is when Marmala Falls is at its most beautiful. At the beginning of the monsoon season, the rain showers revitalize the location, and you can see the beautiful vista in all of its grandeur and splendor at its fullest potential.

How To Make The Most Of Your Time At The Marmalade Falls

  1.  The road is slick and difficult to drive on after dark, so it’s best to view the waterfalls during the day and get back before nightfall.
  2.  It is not a good idea to make the trek down the waterfalls after dark.
  3. There are no stores within a 7-kilometre radius, so bring your own water and food.
  4. Choose footwear that is gentle on your feet and joints.

Modes Of Transport

In close proximity to Teekoy, on a private rubber farm, you’ll find Marmala Waterfall. In order to get to the estate, you may either drive there or use a private taxi cab.

You also have the option of using a bus that is operated by the state. A short ascent up the slope of around two kilometers will bring you to the waterfalls, which are accessible from there.

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