Manipur State Museum Timings Entry Fees History Location

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One of the most visited museums in the state of Manipur is the Manipur State Museum, which can be found in the capital city of Imphal. It was first opened to the public in 1969 by Indira Gandhi, who was serving as the Prime Minister of India at the time. Since that time, it has continued to be one of the most well-known museums in the state, in addition to being a highly well-liked tourist attraction.

Natural history, ethnology, and archaeology are just a few of the subjects that are presented in the several galleries that can be found inside the Manipur State Museum. To give just a few examples, it stores items such as traditional garb, royal garb, polo gear, relics of Buddha, and weaponry used in battle by monarchs and their armies. The museum, which can be found in Imphal West and is located next to Polo Field, also hosts awareness activities and themed exhibits.

Manipur State Museum Timings Entry Fees History Location

In the year 1969, the then-Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, served as the guest of honour during the opening ceremony of the Manipur State Museum in Imphal. The museum is a well-known tourist destination in and of itself. There are several different galleries in the museum that cover topics such as natural history, ethnology, and archaeology.

One of the highlights of the museum is a royal boat called Hiyag Hiren which is exhibited in the open gallery and measures 54 feet in length. The artefacts, the weapons of battle, the old polo equipment, and the tribal dress are all organised and displayed in a magnificent manner in the museum. This includes how the artefacts are displayed. The golden-plated mask with skull and the golden bird is the facts that leave visitors stunned and are among the museum’s most notable exhibits.

Those who go to the Manipur State Museum may see, in addition to these things, the household and agricultural tools and implements of bygone eras, the smoking pipes of bygone eras, the decorations of the many tribes, the Manipuri textiles, and the relics of the Buddha that are housed there. The legacy and history of the state of Manipur are shown at the museum in the form of a variety of fascinating exhibits that may be seen by visitors.

In contrast to other museums, the Manipur State Museum is appropriate for visitors of all ages. In addition to offering cultural classes and themed exhibits, the museum is also responsible for organising awareness activities. Those who go to Manipur absolutely need to spend some time at the Manipur Museum so that they may educate themselves on the region’s rich history.

Manipur State Museum Timings Entry Fees History Location Details

  • Every day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., is when the Manipur State Museum is open.
  • Warning: Not open to the public
  • Admission to the Manipur State Museum is Rs 3 for Indians and Rs 20 for non-Indians.

Instructions On How To Go To The Manipur State Museum:

  • Imphal Airport has located a distance of 6 kilometres from the city centre.
  • By Train: Noney Railway Station, which is located 63 kilometres away
  • Via Road: Imphal Bus Stop is just three kilometres away.

Manipur State Museum Imphal Significance

The vibrant culture and lengthy history of Manipur are both important enough to warrant the creation of the Manipur State Museum. The Late Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India, opened the Manipur State Museum in 1969. It is a treasure trove of knowledge about archaeology, ethnology, natural history, Jallan, and art. The museum was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi.

Due to Kangla’s convenient proximity to the polo fields, travellers will have no trouble fitting all of these attractions into a single day of sightseeing. The Hiyang Hiren, also known as the Royal Boat, is a boat that is 25 metres (78 feet) in length and is on exhibit in the museum’s open gallery. It is one of the most notable artefacts in the institution.

The museum is comprised of a number of additional galleries, each of which presents information pertaining to a certain topic. The Manipur State Museum hosts events and workshops on a regular basis, focusing on topics such as culture, biology, and museum awareness. Together with traditional exhibits, the state museum also hosts travelling shows and scientific expos.

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