Maibong Waterfall History Location Tourism Services Timings

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The gentle wind, the verdant hills, and the sparkling waterfalls at the Maibong hill station are quite relaxing to the eyes. This hill station is well-known for its agreeable environment and its visual splendour. In the Maibong, there are a great number of streams. Apart from this, the waterfalls are the most striking features of the Maibong’s natural splendour. Because of its breathtaking beauty, travellers, and particularly families, flock to see these waterfalls. Since it is such a popular location for picnics, this waterfall is almost usually packed with families.

The town of Maibong can be found in the Dima Hasao district in the state of Assam, and it is now undergoing urban development. The town is able to effectively offer its citizens with all of the services that are required for a place to function peacefully and with discipline since it receives a variety of services from both the government and private groups.

The term “services” refers to a broad category of industries and occupations, including rescue operations, provision of essential utilities, medical care, and other forms of entertainment. The many categories of assistance that are made available to the residents of Maibong are introduced and briefly explained in the following paragraphs.

Maibong waterfall History location Tourism Services Timings

History of Maibong

The Kachari monarchs made Maibong their capital city throughout the 16th and 18th centuries. On the eastern and southern sides of Maibong are where the old remains of the kingdom may still be seen today. There were blocks on all of the city’s sides, and the museum in Haflong is where you can view carvings and sculptures from the kingdom that have been preserved through the years.
Maibong’s population and its makeup.The population of Maibong was 7664 according to the census conducted in the year 2001. The average literacy rate is 73%, while the population proportion of men to females is 55% to 45%. The number of people who can read and write is 73%.

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Travel and tourism in Maibong

The Ramchandi Temple, which was built in 1761, is the primary destination for visitors to the area. The monolithic temple is comprised of two roofs and bears an inscription that dates back to that period. Towns such as Haflong and Silchar, which are approximately 47 and 131 kilometres distant from one another respectively, are also popular destinations for tourists. The natural beauty of the area is what draws visitors from far and wide to come and experience it.

In addition, the city of Maibong is home to a sizeable number of stone temples and ruins, both of which have significant value for archaeologists. It was an important element of the Kachari monarchy, and as a result, the city still carries the remnants of Kachari culture, including the remains of temples and palaces. Since the River Mahur is located nearby, the town of Maibong is a very picturesque location.

Maibong waterfall History location Tourism Services Timings

Maibong’s Reliable Postal Service:

There is a post office in the centre of Maibong, and it serves the surrounding community as well. The Indian Postal Services are in charge of running the country’s mail delivery system. The postal service of any municipality or location is an essential component since it not only functions as a channel for the exchange of information but also serves as a connection point through which people from all over the world may connect with one another.

Even if many other forms of communication are becoming more readily accessible and are also being used extensively by the general public, the use of the postal service remains a significant means of communication. Since it is the sole method available for individuals living in less developed regions to send or receive messages from one person to another, regardless of how close or how far apart they are located, it is the method most often used by such people.

Available Transport:

By Air  :Silchar  Airport                   – 141 kms

By Train :Silchar Railway Station      – 137 kms

By Road :Dima hasao   Bus Stand      – 82 kms

Services Relating to Travel and Transportation in Maibong.
Roads and railroads both provide convenient access to the city of Maibong.

By Road: Buses that pass through Lumding are readily accessible, and it is not difficult to get to this location using them.

By Train: If you want to go by train, the closest train station is in Guwahati, which is approximately 338 kilometres away.

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