Maibong Hill Station Location Near By Places Booking Package

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The Kachari people governed a kingdom from the 15th to the 17th century, and their capital was the city of Maibong. Assam’s state capital is currently a popular destination for visitors. At the present day, it serves as the administrative centre for the North Cachar Hills.

Location: 25.4° north latitude, -93.18° west longitude. It has an average altitude of 355 metres. It is around 338.1 km from Guwahati, the state capital and largest commercial centre in Assam. Water comes mostly from the Mahur River, which also contains many artefacts from the former Kachari empire. Stone carvings and the city’s enormous collection of sculptures are preserved at the museum in the Haflong region.

Maibong Hill Station Location Near By Places Booking Package

  • Despite its little size, the tiny village of Maibong has a lot of scenic beauty and natural majesty. The Ramchandi Temple is the main draw for visitors, and it is a monolithic building with two roofs that has an inscription from the year 1762 AD. As early as 1537 A.D., Maibong served as the centre of the Dimacha kingdom.
  • As the Tai-Ahom army commanded by King Siuhungmung conquered and destroyed Dimapur, the monarchy fled to the new capital of Dimacha. There are several important inscriptions and structures, like the “Stone House,” that were constructed during the reign of the Dimachas.
  • Until another Tai-Ahom king called Rudrasimha attacked and removed them from their land, they remained in control of their domain. This hill station is one of the most visited places in the Indian state of Assam because of its breathtaking scenery.
  • This hill station is located 1163 feet above sea level, according to the maps. This station is 338.2 kilometres from Guwahati, however, there are several transit options to get you to Maibong. The ancient Kachari state formerly called this hill station their capital. The Kachari governed for almost 200 years from this station, making it their capital city.
  • Because of its location, this hill station offers a great longitudinal angle. Located at 25°30′N and 93°1′E, this spot has the best and mildest weather in the region all year round. Also, the Halflong region is home to several historically important sculptures that have been carefully kept. These sculptures are so lifelike that no description is necessary. Yet, many tourists are drawn there by the hill station’s picturesque and tranquil surroundings. The nearby Ramachandi temple is another major draw for visitors.

Maibong Hill Station Location Near By Places Booking Package

  • In the year 1538, the first stone was laid for this temple. After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of the Tai-Ahoms in a bloody struggle, the Kachari rulers were forced to evacuate their country. Upon its relocation, Dimapur took over the role of capital. It was here that a stone mansion was built to commemorate the heyday of the city that was once its capital.
  • Many sculptures showing scenarios quite similar to the one depicted may still be seen in this stone building. On the banks of the Mahur River may be found this picturesque hill station. The distance between here and Halflong is around 47 kilometres. Distances to many other major cities and landmarks in Assam are included in the table below for your convenience.
  • Maibong hill station is a great place to unwind and take in the sights, with its soft breezes, rolling hills, and glistening waterfalls. Maibong is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere. There are several streams that make their way through the Maibong. Besides this, the most breathtaking scenery in the region may be seen at the Maibong’s waterfalls. Many, especially families, return year after year because of the waterfalls’ mesmerising beauty. A lot of families like to come here for picnics, so the waterfall is always bustling with people.
  • The Maibong Hill station is home to the Maibong Waterfall, which is located on a perennial branch of the Mahur River. The Maibong exposes many water streams that flow from the Mahur river, with the Maibong waterfall serving as the area’s centrepiece. The exhilaration of the waterfall is something that no visitor to Haflong should miss. While it is always present in the Mahur, the falling stream is the most powerful current in the river.

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