Jim Corbett National Park Durga Devi Safari Tourism Zone

Know The Details About Jim Corbett National Park Durga Devi Safari Tourism Zone, History, Opening Hours, Accommodation, And More Information

Corbett Tiger Reserve, of which Jim Corbett National Park is a component, is the world’s largest such reserve. It is good knowledge that tigers abound in the magnificent scenery of Corbett. Corbett, which used to be called Hailey National Park, is the first and most well-known national park in India.

It is also recognized as the birthplace of Project Tiger. Project Tiger, an Indian initiative to protect tigers and other endangered animals, may be traced back to this special area of the country. To get more people to visit, Corbett National Park has been split into six different tourist zones.

Jim Corbett National Park Durga Devi Safari Tourism Zone

Visitors may participate in a wildlife safari and see the alluring behavior of the animals up close in these established core or buffer regions of the park. The area for tourists in the Corbett Tiger Reserve called Durgadevi is known for its beautiful scenery. This area of the park is one of its six ecotourism zones, and it is well-known for its abundance of rare and unusual bird species. Birdwatchers will find nirvana in this area.

Wild creatures of many kinds have made this area of the Forest Forest a popular tourist destination, adding to the area’s tranquil atmosphere. The Corbett Forest Department sets up day jeep safaris so that people can see the area’s rich culture and beautiful landscape. Because the area around Durgadevi is hilly, it has a lot of natural beauty and many different kinds of animals. Nature-loving tourists flock to this area for its stunning landscape and abundance of animals.

The fact that the Ramganga River and the Mandal River cross each other several times in the area adds to the beauty of this wooded area. Like the rest of Corbett National Park, the Durgadevi zone is home to a wide variety of magnificent animal life, including those that are critically endangered. A wide variety of plant and animal species may thrive in this area because of the area’s rich ecology and ample scenery.

Jim Corbett National Park Durga Devi Safari Tourism Zone

The park is home to plentiful populations of four of the most important plant species in the surrounding area: Sheesham, sisoo, dhak, and khair. Chir Pine, Chir Choti, Gajar Sot, Banj Oak, Kanju, Jamun, and Aamla trees, cover a large part of the park. Access to the park is generally available from the middle of November until the middle of June. As the roads become impassable during the summer monsoons, the park is closed at that time.

Ramnagar’s central location and easy access to major highways and railroads make it a hub from which people may travel to other surrounding urban centers. One may drive throughout the park or ride an elephant to several vantage spots from which to see the wildlife. There are a number of possible housing options inside the park’s structures.

This region is home to a wide variety of animals, including Royal Bengal tigers, wild boars, Asian elephants, spotted deer, sambar deer, barking deer, chitals, rhesus monkeys, black-faced monkeys, and jackals, among many other species. Due to the high concentration of wild elephants in this area of Corbett Park’s Durgadevi Zone, it is a popular location for viewing birds and elephants. The renowned Mahsheer fish swims downstream with the river currents.

  1. When you enter, you’ll see the Durgadevi Gate.
  2. 28 kilometers away from Ramnagar.
  3. The dates of opening and closing are October 15 and June 15.
  4. Jeep day safaris are available.
  5. Eleven Safari Jeeps are the shift maximum (two shifts in a day).
  6. Lohachaur FRH stands for Forest Rest Home.
  7. Duration of Exploration: 3 hrs. 30 min.

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