Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur Online Booking Cost Procedure

Know The Details About The Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur online booking cost procedure, Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur online booking cost.

All about the Jain Mahavira Temple in Jodhpur, including its history, entry fee, aarti times, location, directions, and contact information for the Jodhpur Tourist Board.

Temple of Mahavira, Jainism The Jain Mahavira Temple in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is a major destination for devotees of the religion. In addition to serving as a place of prayer for Jains, the Temple’s antiquity has made it a tourist attraction in its own right. This temple was built centuries ago, yet it seems like new. Across a huge plot of ground, the Temple sprawls.

Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur Online Booking Cost Procedure

Cost of Visiting the Jain Temple of Mahavira: Grade

What is the price of a ticket for an Indian? ( No Entry Fee)

  • People from other countries
  • Still cameras cost Rs 10/- per person, while video cameras cost Rs 100/-.
  • Those interested in performing specific rites such as darshan will need to buy tickets in advance.
  • Visitation Times at the Jain Mahavir Temple in Jodhpur:
  • Hours: 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., seven days a week
  • The Temple is closed at 8:30 every night.
  • Time Changes May Occur on Holidays and Other Special Occasions
  • Jain Mahavira Temple of Jodhpur Aarti Schedules, by Type Timings
  • An early morning Aarti, at 8:30
  • It’s time for the aarti in the morning!
  • Aarti, the Hindu prayer said at sunset
  • Please take into account seasonal timing variations.
  • There are no accessible guides.

Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur Online Booking Cost Procedure Details

  1. Activities in the Temple: Pictures, Prayers, and More!
  2. Jodhpur’s Sightseeing Attractions
  3. Lake Khejarla in Balsamand (Fort)
  4. Located in the middle of the Kailana Mountains
  5. The Lake of Ranisar Padamsar and Gulab Sagar
  6. Hindu Devotees Visit Ganesh’s Temple
  7. Sri Balaji Mandir
  8. The Hall of Heroes at Mehrangarh Fort
  9. Royal Residence of the Rajputs
  10. The Royal Palace of Baghdad (Rai Ka Bagh)
  11. The Dadhichi Garden of the Kotsa Maharishi the Ramdevra Temple in Umed, and many more like these
  12. Taking Pictures or Making Movies Inside the Temple Is Permitted.
  13. Jodhpur’s Jain Mahavira Mandir may be found in the city’s Ajit Colony.

Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur Journey procedure

Location: Rajasthan 342303,


You should go to Jodhpur during the months of October and March.

Contact Details of Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur

Phone Number of the Jodhpur Visitor’s Centre
Please call 91-939-39180 / 939-39560 for the latest travel information and updates.

Jain Mahavira Temple Jodhpur Travel Info:

  • Travel Instructions to the Jodhpur Jain Mahavira Temple in Rajasthan, India:
  • The closest airport is Jodhpur International Airport, which is about three kilometres away.
  • You may go to the closest airport, Jodhpur Railway Station, which is located 2.7 kilometres away.
  • The Jodhpur Bus Station is located about 2 kilometers away, and the city itself is easily accessible by road.

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