Hazaribagh National Park History Entry Price Timings Details

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While visiting Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, many visitors choose to explore the park that bears the park’s name. The park is home to many unique plant and animal species and is a sight to see in its natural state. The park’s support for two-wheeled vehicles is perhaps the finest amenity for visitors hoping to extend their stay in the area. There is a car park in the park with many sculptures and swings, making it great for youngsters to burn off some energy. When it comes to family outings, this national park is the go-to destination.  In addition, one may see many types of animals and marvel at the natural scenery.

A parking lot makes for a great backdrop for photos. The park contains a small café stocked with refreshments including tea, coffee, water, and a few nibbles. As the canteen doesn’t hold much, it’s best to bring plenty of snacks and drinks with you. Having a high-quality camera on hand is also highly recommended for this same purpose. The park is well-known for its abundance of wildlife, including jackals, wild boars, hummingbirds, jumping monkeys, and other primates. Have a wonderful vacation here in this national park, perfect for picnics.

Hazaribagh National Park History Entry Price Timings Details

Entry Price (Indians) Rs 50/-  per head
Entry Price (Indian Child) Rs 10/-  per head
Entry Price (Foreigners) Rs 100/-  per head
Entry Price (Foreign Child) Rs 20/-  per head
  • Parking and Photography are Available.
  • Opening and Closing Timings are 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
  • Contact: 06546 270 525.

Attractions at Hazaribagh National Park:

  • A little cafe.
  • A park for kids.
  • A car park with several nice statues.

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Hazaribagh National Park History Entry Price Timings Details

History of Hazaribagh National Park:

There is a national park established in the Hazaribag area to protect the local flora and wildlife from extinction and to provide tourists with a chance to see wild creatures in their natural habitat. It begins on the Hazaribag-Barhi road, around 10 miles from Hazaribag town, and stretches east and west, but mostly westward, for many kilometers.

The region is around 150 square miles in size, with an 80-square-mile “core” of the right-free forest. All 150 square miles are gun-free zones, although regular exploration has been allowed outside 70 square miles. The central 80 square miles have been left undisturbed to maintain their natural form, with no tree cutting or other horticultural disturbances allowed. 18 kilometers from Hazaribag, a Forest Rest House and many lookout towers have been erected so visitors may see the forest’s wildlife.

It’s hard to find fault with the National Park. Several dams already exist, and others are currently being constructed. The goal is to collect water during the warmer months and provide it to the animals in the form of pools. In most cases, towers have been built above these pools so that tourists may see the animals when they come to drink water throughout the summer.

Saltlicks composed of artificial ingredients have also been created for animals. Several roads have been built, while others are getting extensions. The Koderma Reserved Woods is another area that serves as a no-shooting zone for wildlife in addition to the National Park.

An Introductory Discussion on Jharkhand

The Indian government just admitted the state of Jharkhand as number 28. Jharkhand, a state in eastern India, was separated from Bihar on November 15, 2000, with the capital moving to Ranchi. The renowned Bhagwan Birsa Munda was born on this day, hence it is also a significant religious holiday for him. The states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are to Jharkhand’s north, south, and west, while Orissa and West Bengal lie to the south and east.

Few of the many attractions in Jharkhand:

  • Tagore Hill.
  • Pahari Mandir.
  • Kanke Dam.
  • Jagannath Temple.
  • Ranchi’s rock garden.
  • Nakshatra Van.
  • Biodiverse park.
  • Patratu Valley.
  • Sindu Kanhu Park.

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