Hampi Zenana Enclosure Best Timing Online Booking Cost

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The Zanana Enclosure is a unique space in Hampi that is only accessible to Royal Women. It is situated in close proximity to the Ranga Temple. This enormous edifice is an excellent example of the architecture known as Indo-Islamic.

Even now, the sculptures and architecture continue to blow people away. The Lotus Mahal is the centerpiece of this Enclosure’s sightseeing offerings. According to the local tales, this whole region was under the constant watch of eunuchs.

Hampi Zenana Enclosure Best Timing Online Booking Cost

The enclosure was completely off-limits to women and children. This structure has no windows, and there are no other light sources either. This enclosure was protected by guards on all three sides, originating from the three watch towers surrounding it.

One may get a wonderful view of the Elephant Stables from the highest point in the enclosure. In order to provide the Royal Women with a vantage point over the crowd during the royal processions and other festivities, this structure was built. The other attraction that may be found inside the fence is the water Pavilion.

Hampi Zenana Enclosure Location Zanana Enclosure, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

  • Every day of the week, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Zenana Enclosure is open to visitors in Hampi.
    Visit Duration:
  • 1-2 Hours The Most Ideal Time To Visit:
  • Between the months of November and February, the Zenana Enclosure Hampi Entry Fee is as follows: Indians pay Rs 30/- per head; Foreigners pay Rs 300/- per head; Children (Below 15 Years)
  • Free (No Entry Fee) (No Entry Fee)
    Photography is permitted here:
  • The price of a still camera is Rs. 25/- and the price of a video camera is Rs. 50/- Zenana Enclosure Hampi Accommodation is Available Parking:

Hampi Zenana Enclosure Best Timing Online Booking Cost

Available Facilities: “Available For Hire”: bicycles, bikes, taxis, and buses

Where to Consume: Funky Monkey Restaurant
Restaurant with a River View Featuring Chill Out Gopi Island Mango Tree Geeth
Restaurants: Suresh Restaurant Sagar Hotel Hampi Roof Restaurant Located in the neighborhood are the following attractions:

  • Watchtower of the Lotus Mahal
  • The Elephant Stables of the Queen’s Bath

Directions from the Zenana Gate to Hampi:

  • By Air:
  • The closest airport is Bellary Airport, which is located 35km away.
  • By Rail:
  • (closest) Hospet Railway Junction is about 14 km away.
  • By Road:
  • Hospet KSRTC Bus Stand is the closest, located 13 km away.
  • There are a large number of privately owned vehicles, all of which are available for hire, that travel between Hampi and several major cities.

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