Guwahati Basistha Temple Timings History Entry Price Details

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Guwahati, the capital of Assam, is the biggest city in the region. Guwahati, with a population of a million, serves as the main entry point to the North East. Assam’s capital, Dispur, is located inside Guwahati City.

Guwahati, located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, serves as the regional economic, cultural, and political epicenter. Located in Assam’s Kamrup district, Guwahati is a major city. Market (‘Hat’) and betelnut (‘Guwa’) are where the name Guwahati originates from in the Assamese language, which is spoken in the city. The city is home to people who speak and understand Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, and English.

Guwahati Basistha Temple Timings History Entry Price Details

Beltola, on the outskirts of Guwahati city, is home to the Sandhyachal Hill, where the Basistha or Vasistha Temple may be found. It lies in close proximity to the Garbhanga Reserve Forest, which is home to elephants and is being considered for designation as a butterfly reserve.

In the years between 1751 and 1769, while he was king, Rajeshwar Singha of the Ahoms built this temple. The temple was erected on 835 bighas of land given to the ashram by the monarch. The holy ground of saint Basistha, the Vasistha ashram, is where the temple may be found.

Lord Shiva, whose worship inspires the temple’s existence. The mountain streams that begin in the Meghalayan hills and become the rivers Basistha and Bharalu that run through the city are where the temple is located.

The Basistha Temple is one of the seven Shaktipeeths, as recorded in the Kalika Purana. This Ashram has been around since the Vedic period. Vaishnava saint Vasistha established the ashram. Saint Vasistha, according to legend, reportedly visited Kamarupa in order to pay homage to the goddess Kamakhya.

Instead, Vasistha chastised King Naraka for interfering. In Sandhyachal, Vasistha established a hermitage and spent the rest of his life in contemplation of Shiva. It is said that Vasistha muni penned the Vasistha Ramayana. The ashram was established by Vasistha muni, who is also reported to have passed away there. This location marks the site of Saint Vasistha’s tomb.

The virtues include three separate temples honoring three distinct deities, as well as three mountain streams (named Sandhya, Lalitha, and Kantha) whose water is said to provide eternal life to those who bathe in it.

Timings and Entry Price:

  • Seven Days of the Week From Morning 06:00 am to Evening 09:00 pm.
  • The cost to Visit Guwahati’s Basistha Temple is Free of Charge (Free).
  • Contact: 060028 19866.


  • ¬†Ashram (Maharishi Vashistha’s Meditation Retreat).
  • Garbangha Forest (Butterfly reserve and ampule of elephant populations).

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Guwahati Basistha Temple Timings History Entry Price Details

These are just a few of the reasons why so many people visit the Temple:

  • The stunning architecture of the Basistha temple is a major draw for tourists. The ashram also has a temple. The temple, a Shiva-shakti peeth, has a number of wells. Tara peet is another name for the shakti peeth. Siva linga of Mangaleshwar is hidden in the wells which are not visible.
  • There is a cave 5 km inside the ashram where Basistha muni meditated.
  • Around the ashram, the mountain tributaries Sandhya, Lalita, and Kanta may be found. Amrutha kunda is the name given to the spot where all the streams converge. This was formerly the site of Vasistha muni’s trisandhya meditations.
  • In order to take a ritual bath in the Vasistha kunda, pilgrims often go to the ashram. The saint created the Vasistha Ganga, which flows into the Vasistha kunda.
  • The ashram is located in the middle of a forest about 200 km from the Vasistha kunda, where worshippers may visit the shrine dedicated to Arundhati mata, the saint’s wife. Since it is also a great site to have a picnic, many people visit the Basistha temple. The nearby waterfall is another important draw.

Enjoyable Waterfall with Stunning Scenery:

  • Garbhanga Forest Herds of Elephants, Flying Butterflies, and Jumping Monkeys.
  • Vasistha Kund (For Holy dip/bath).
  • Cave Meditated Place of Vashishta (People Fetch Peace There).
  • Shiva Temple Pooja & Other Ritual Purposes.
  • Other Temples (Ganesh & Brahma Vishnu Maheshwar).

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