Goa Chitra Museum History Timing Entry Fee Details Procedure

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The Goa Chitra Museum is an ethnographic museum that highlights the traditional culture and way of life of Goa. Benaulim is where you will discover the museum. The museum that carries the names of Victor Enormous Gomez’s Portuguese ancestors was established so that he could pay respect to his family’s heritage.

He has gathered a collection of around four thousand items, some of which are made of wood and metal, while others are pieces of furniture, pieces of weapons, or religious treasures from Goa. In addition to that, it focuses on a farm that only uses organic products. The knowledge that Goa Chitra has gathered on the traditions of the local community is often presented during seminars and other events that the organization organizes.

Goa Chitra Museum History Timing Entry Fee Details Procedure

It has been deemed the most innovative and forward-thinking modern museum in India by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which oversees India’s museums. The Goa Chitra Museum displays the history, as well as the culture, of the Portuguese colonies, including the manner of life of the people who lived there.

Almost four thousand different artifacts may be found inside the museum. 2010 was the year that this museum first opened its doors to the public. According to Time Out Mumbai, the museum is widely considered to be one of the most charming of the many areas of interest that can be found in Goa. In addition, the Archaeological Survey of India considers it the most contemporary and innovative museum in the nation.

In addition, during the course of the year, the Chitra Museum of Goa plays home to a number of other informative lectures for the benefit of its visitors. The Portuguese culture that was brought to this part of the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century was a significant source of inspiration for a significant portion of Goa’s history as well as its tradition and culture.

Goa Chitra Museum History Timing Entry Fee Details Procedure

The Goa Chitra Museum was one such initiative taken by the state of Goa in an effort to preserve the state’s rich cultural heritage and historical artifacts. Despite the fact that it didn’t open its doors to the public until 2010, this museum has quickly established itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations in this area. Mr. Victor Hugo Gomes, an artist, curator, and restorer, established it in one of the coastal villages of Goa known as Benaulim.

The museum was established not only to express appreciation and pay attention to the ancestors of the person who was responsible for the establishment’s inception, but also to the ancestors of other Goan inhabitants. It was meant to be a demonstration of their way of life and a homage to it, while also transferring some of the knowledge that the ancestors possessed at the time that it was being practiced, and this was the intention behind it.

The agricultural methods, implements, and tools that were used by the people who initially arrived in the area that is now the state of Goa are given prominent consideration in the exhibitions that are on display at the museum. The area is home to an extensive collection of agricultural implements as well as artifacts connected to commerce that date back to ancient times. The history of this organic farm serves as a background for the display of these artifacts.

Museum Entry Fee

Adults RS 100 /-
School Children RS 30 /-
College Students Rs 50 /-


  • Via Air: If you are planning to go by aircraft, the Dabolim Airport, which is situated 24 kilometers away, is the nearest airport to you.
  • Via Train: While traveling by train, the Madgaon Railway Station is the most convenient stop; it is located around 4 kilometers away.
  • Via Road: Benaulim Bus Stand (nearest) – 4 km.

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