Top Places Araku Valley Vizag Tourist Attractions Spots List

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In the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh in India’s state of Andhra Pradesh lies a hill station known as Araku Valley. A number of distinct people groups call this valley in the Eastern Ghats their home. It can be reached from Visakhapatnam by travelling 114 kilometres. The Anantagiri and Sunkarimetta Reserved Forest, also known as the Araku Valley Port. The Details about Top Places Araku Valley Vizag Tourist Attractions Spots List are clearly Given here.

This valley is flanked by mountains like galikonda , raktakonda , Sunkarimetta ,and Chitamogondi . It is one of the highest points in Andhra Pradesh, Galikonda hill, which rises to a height of 5000 feet (150 metres). The most precipitation, which totals 1700 millimetres on average, falls between the months of June and October.

Top Places Araku Valley Vizag Tourist Attractions Spots List

  • The city of Visakhapatnam may be reached from the Valley using both the train system and the road network.
  • On the kothavalasa – kirandul railway line that is part of the Visakhapatnam division of the East Coast Railway, which is part of the larger Indian Railway network, Araku is home to two different train stations.
  • At an elevation of 996 metres above mean sea level, the Shimiliguda railway station can be found.
  • Mr Brodi, a trader from Pamuleru Valley in the East Godavari district, is credited with being the first person to bring coffee to the Easter Ghats in Andhra Pradesh in the year 1898.
  • After then, it expanded to Pullangi and Araku Valley, where Gudem of the Visakhapatnam agency kept watch of it. In the 1920s.
  • Despite the fact that it had extended to Ananthagiri in the Araku valley and Chintapalli regions, it was still contained.
  • In the year 1985, the Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corporation was established.
  • After the establishment of the Andhra Pradesh girijan cooperative company Limited (GCC) in the year 1956, the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department began developing a coffee plantation on 10,100 acres of land that was located in reserve forest regions.

The Top Most Tourist Attractions Of Araku Valley

  •  The Katiki Waterfalls In Araku The Katiki Waterfalls were given their name after the town of Katiki, which is situated nearby. The Borra Caves are around 4 kilometres distant from the waterfall, which has a height of approximately 50 feet. The Katiki Waterfalls were formed by the Gosthani River, and the area around them is covered with lush vegetation and crystal-pure water.
  • The Bheemunipatnam Beach Araku Valley Vizag Because of its breathtaking scenery, Bheemunipatnam Beach, which can be found near the mouth of the Gosthani River, has become a well-known tourist destination in the Araku Valley. This destination has a sandy beach and a turquoise sea, both of which are enhanced by the presence of coconut palms in the surrounding area. The remnants of a fort and cemetery dating back to the 17th century may be seen on the beach, which is located at the confluence of the Gosthni River and the Bay of Bengal.  l
  • The Ananthagiri Hills Araku Valley Vizag The Ananthagiri Hills, which are most famous for their coffee plantations and can be reached from Vikarabad at a distance of six kilometres, are encircled on all sides by the mountain ranges that make up the Eastern Ghats. In addition to coffee plantations, these hills at a height of 1168 metres also have lovely waterfalls and mango gardens that feed into the valley below.
  • The Dumbriguda Waterfalls Araku Valley Vizag On the road to Paderu from Araku valley, the Dumbriguda waterfalls may be seen around 15 kilometres away. Its never-ending streams traverse the massive granite formations of the Araku Valley. The waterfalls, which are located at a height of around 3,215 feet and fall into the valley below, are a preferred site for shooting Telugu movies. The abundance of silver wood trees in the surrounding area contributes significantly to the natural beauty of the waterfalls.
  • The Waterfalls in the Chaparai Area Araku Valley Vizag Chaparrani Water Falls are around 16 kilometres distant from Araku, and local jeeps are accessible for transport from the resorts. Entry tickets are about ten rupees, and the falls can be reached easily.
  • The Padmapur Botanical Gardens Araku Valley Vizag The Araku Padmapuram Botanical Gardens are a historical garden that can be found on Araku Road. Initially, the purpose of this garden was to provide vegetable supplies to the soldiers. Today, the garden functions as a horticultural nursery and contains a wide variety of rare species of flowers and trees.

Top Places Araku Valley Vizag Tourist Attractions Spots List

  • Araku Valley is home to the Araku Tribal Museum, which can be found on Araku Road right in the middle of the valley.
  • The museum, which can be found in the neighbourhood of Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, provides visitors with a glimpse into the ways of life and customs of the indigenous tribal people that are found in the Eastern Ghat.
  • Mud and clay were used in the construction of the Araku Tribal Museum.
  • Tyda Park is an up-and-coming environmentally friendly project that is located in the Araku Valley around 75 kilometres away from Visakhapatnam.
  • It is named for the place where it will be built. Camping, hiking, and birding are all enjoyable activities that may be easily arranged at Tyda.
  • Log cabins and tents constructed in a traditional style are available for overnight accommodations inside the park for visitors.
  • Tourists are also educated by naturalists and guide about the language of the forest, including the identification of various cries, markings, and other signs.

Contact Information

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91-40-23262151, +91-40-23262152, +91-40-23262153, +91-40-23262154, +91-40-23262157, Fax: +91-40-23261801.

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