Umiya Mata Temple History Timings Online Bookings Procedures

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The element Shiv gave birth to the Sati in order to bring about the formation of the cosmos. In the residence of Daksh Prajapati, Sati was brought into the world. She became Lord Shiva’s wife. To get back at Shiva, Daksha planned a massive Yagna but left him off of the invitation list. Even though she hadn’t been invited, Sati went to the Yagna held at her father’s house.

She and Lord Shiva were humiliated once again, and Sati, unable to take the pain any longer, threw herself into the Yagna pyre and welcomed the flames. As Lord Shiva had worked himself up into a rage, he began the Tandav ritual while carrying the corpse of Sati on his shoulders. The whole planet trembled and erupted in horror. When Lord Vishnu needed to preserve the world,

Umiya Mata Temple History Timings Online Bookings Procedures

Lord Vishnu then placed one of these pieces in each of the locations that would become a Shaktipeeth.
Before she sacrificed herself by plunging into the Yagna fire, Sati’s last desire was to wed Lord Shiva again in her future incarnation. Once his wife Sati passed away, Lord Shiva chose to live a hermit life. The monster known as Tarkasur was spreading fear across the planet. It is only possible for the son of Shiva to kill him since this was the gift that he received from Brahmaji.

The gods helped get Lord Shiva ready for his second marriage. After having her second child in the home of Maina and the Himalayas, Sati eventually became known as Parvati-Uma. After much laborious meditation, she finally tied the knot with Shiva. Their son Kartik was the one who ultimately defeated Tarkasur. Chandrasen, King of Mahet, had defeated Vrajpal Sinhji, King of Madhvati, in a battle that took place on the boundary between the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Umiya Mata Temple History Timings Online Bookings Procedures

Present Temple was created with the donation from each family in the Patidar Community house in the year 1887 AD, during the Vikram Samvat, when the current Temple was constructed. Shri Ram Chandra Mansukh lal was the first person to begin work on the building of the temple. Following in his footsteps was Shri Rai Bahadur Bechardas Lashkari.

At the Vastupujan ceremony that took place in the temple, members of the Gaikwad tribe were present, and they presented the god with expensive garments. They also paid their respects to Shree Bechardas Lashkari at the end of the ceremony. At that time period, Shree Ngardas Ugar das Ptel Mollot and Shree Kushaldas Rusate made offerings totaling Rs.2000/- in order to purchase the Gold Shikhar.


Timings:- 06:00 AM to 09.15 PM

Historical Spots


This location, formerly the capital during the reign of Solankis, may be found 26 kilometers west of where Unjha is located. Rani ki Vav and Sahasmaling Lake are most frequented here.


This is the most important area for the Nagar Brahmins and can be found forty kilometres to the kilometer Ojha. The most popular destinations in this area are Toran and Hatkeshwar Mahadev.


Around 60 kilometers to the southwest of Unjha is where you’ll find this location. The Sun Temple and the Stapathya Architecture are both well-known in this location.


This location may be found anywhere in the vicinity of 15 kilometers to the north of Unjha. In India, there is a well-known Shiva temple known as Rudra Mahalaya. Alauddin Khilji was the one who destroyed it in the past.


In order to get to the Umiya Mata Temple from New Delhi or Mumbai, you will need to take a flight, a train, or a car to get to Ahmadabad first. From Ahmadabad, you will need to take a bus or a train to get to Mehsana, and from Mehsana, you will need to take another bus, train, or taxi to get to Unjha. Traveling on State Highway no. 41 is necessary to go from Ahmadabad to Unjha through the Mehsana district.

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