Tipeshwar Tiger Safari Timings Online Bookings Costs Details

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The Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary may be found in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra, which is home to its very own remote national park. Every person who comes to the Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is given an amazing chance to get up close and personal with a diverse collection of animal species. The Pandarkawada district of Yavatmal is home to this sanctuary.

Most of the sanctuary may be found scattered over the Patanbori and Parwa Mountains inside the Pandarkawad Forest Division. This sanctuary is well-known across the world for its unique hilly-undulating terrain and a diverse animal population that it has. The ‘Goddess Tipai’ is located close to the Tipeshwar hamlet in the sanctuary region provided the inspiration for the naming of the Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary.

Tipeshwar Tiger Safari Timings Online Bookings Costs Details

As a result of the fact that many people are unfamiliar with the Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary, the Tipeshwar national park sees a deficient number of visitors each year. Several settlements are situated inside the protected area, and the residents of these communities rely on the surrounding forest for their day-to-day activities. The wildlife reserve in question may be found in a very remote part of Maharashtra.

And it is home to a rich variety of animal species in addition to other forms of life. Tiger and wildlife enthusiasts will find the “Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary,” which covers a total area of 148.63 square kilometers, to be the perfect place to spend the weekend. Pandharkawada is located in the Yavatmal region of Maharashtra.

Tipeshwar Tiger Safari Timings Online Bookings Costs Details

The Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is known across the state of Maharashtra as a genuine “Green Paradise.” It is located in the far southeastern corner of the state, very next to the Andhra Pradesh district of Adilabad. It has a vast amount of value if considered from an ecological and environmental standpoint. Because of this, the state devotes a lot of attention and resources to the administration and preservation of it.

Recent years have seen an uptick in the amount of admiration and appreciation bestowed upon the management procedures and prey base upkeep carried out at the sanctuary. The mountainous topography of the area results in a significant difference in the composition of the plant cover at each level of elevation. The protected region is located in the middle of a few different communities.

Safari Charges

Details Sunna Gate Mathani Gate
Safari Vehicle entry fee
Car/ Jeep Rs.110 Rs.110
Mini Bus Rs.220 Rs.220
Safari Vehicle Entry fee
Car/ Jeep Rs.120 Rs.120
Mini Bus Rs.240 Rs.240
Entry fees (Indian) Above 12 years Rs.55 Rs.55
Under 12 years Rs.30 Rs.30
Entry fee (Non-Indian) Above 12 years Rs.100 Rs.100
Under 12 years Rs.100 Rs.100
Guide Fee Rs.300 Rs.300

Safari Vehicles

Details Timings Sunna Gate Mathani Gate
No.of Safari Vehicles allowed Morning 6 6
No.of Safari Vehicles allowed Evening 6 6


Please phone 93 93 93 9150 if you have any questions about the Tipeshwar Tiger Safari.


Via Air:

While traveling by air, the closest airport is located in Nagpur. The Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary is about 170 kilometers distant from here.

Via Train:

Amravati and Badnera are the rail stations that are located in the closest vicinity to the sanctuary while traveling by rail. These locations are around 165 kilometers apart. You won’t have any trouble finding a vehicle to drive you from the station to the sanctuary for wild animals.

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